Jeff 1000 And Summer Glau
Written by Lucy Black   
Saturday, 20 December 2014

This is just for fun - but we wouldn't have you miss it. See the first three episodes of Jeff 1000, the everyday story of a robot that just wants to make good in Hollywood and in the human world in general.

There is very little of technical interest in the mini-series Jeff 1000, but there is plenty of general interest.  




Jeff 1000 is a 10 foot tall industrial robot that gives up the grind and goes to Hollywood to work as an actor. This results in him becoming the improbable friend of Summer Glau acting as herself. In the first episode Jeff gets to go with Summer to the opening of her ex-boyfriend's (David Arquette) art gallery with some embarrassing and thoughtful moments:



Jeff is quite a character and so expressive. Personally, I don't think I'd treat a 10 foot tall robot quite like the ex-boyfriend does and, yes, the art would probably stump most robots -  and humans.  And did you notice the modem handshake at the start.... 

The series is being created by Wired and the first three episodes have just been released. The robot is "real" and was produced for the San Diego Comic-Con 2013 by Wired. 

Episode 2 tells you a bit more about Jeff's back story:



Episode 3 brings us face to face with the difficulties of acting - even for a robot. 



There are also three behind the scenes videos and a trailer - but don't expect any details of how Jeff works; these are made in the same mock realistic style. 

Jeff is clearly a human in a robot skin, but who cares. It is a fun short format that probably will run out of steam after a few more videos - what can you do in less that two minutes? 

However, this guy deserves his own show and let's hope Summer Glau is free to continue to be his straight-playing stooge. 




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