Vintage Computing?
Friday, 30 April 2010

Make your work position different - forget stylish black plastic, or polished steel - try wood for that craftsman quality look!


Once, a long time ago, I had this idea to repackage standard PCs into the cabinets of older generation equipment - old CRT TVs, 78 record players and so on - but it turned out that the wooden boxes were too valuable to make it an economic proposition. Now a craftsman in the US has done something similar but by building his own boxes.


This desk hides a complete machine

So if you have always wanted a machine that looked like a writing desk or your monitor to look like something from an old time photographer's studio now is your chance. They aren't mass produced so you can't expect them to be cheap but at around $100-200 for a monitor cased in wood,  you supply the monitor of course, its not unreasonable.


Currently most of the woodwork fits around Macs but you can get an IBM keyboard and keyboard mouse combo. There are even wooden laptops but in this case the weight might be a significant disadvantage. There is even the possibility of ordering a custom built item.


So if you want your work position to be "special" you know what to do.

More info: Old Time Computer


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