Firefox 36.0 Released Firefox 37.0 In Beta Channel
Written by Ian Elliot   
Friday, 27 February 2015

Firefox 36 implements support for the HTTP/2 network protocol which should lead to it being faster, more scalable and more responsive. 

HTTP/2, the first new version of the basic web transport protocol since it was standardized in 1999, was finalized earlier this month. Adding full support for the new protocol is obviously welcome as is the other major new feature - support for syncing the pinned tiles from the NewTab page on all of your devices where you are logged in with the same account.

Firefox 36.0 for Android brings a brand new look which Mozilla says is:

 “to simplify the interaction with tabs and allow users to create, remove and switch tabs with a single tap.”

The changelog lists three developer-oriented enhancements: 

  • Developer: Eval sources now appear in the Debugger
    Debug JavaScript code that is evaluated dynamically, either as a string passed to eval() or as a string passed to the Function constructor

  • Developer: DOM Promises inspection

  • Developer: Inspector: More paste options in markup view

There are also eight changes tagged HTML5: 

  • HTML5: Support for the ECMAScript 6 Symbol data type added

  • HTML5: unicode-range CSS descriptor implemented

  • HTML5: CSSOM-View scroll behavior implemented allowing smooth scrolling of content without custom libraries

  • HTML5: object-fit and object-position implemented
    Defines how and where the content of a replaced element is displayed

  • HTML5: isolation CSS property implemented
    Create a new stacking context to isolate groups of boxes to control which blend together

  • HTML5: CSS3 will-change property implemented
    Hints the browser of elements that will be modified. The browser will perform some performance optimization for these.

  • HTML5: Changed JavaScript ‘const’ semantics to conform better to the ES6 specification.
    The const declaration is now block-scoped and requires an initializer. It also can not be redeclared anymore.

  • HTML5: Improved ES6 generators for better performance

As Firefox 36 rolls out, Firefox 37 replaces it as the beta version.  

It brings a fix related to the Sync Now Button and for developers incorporates Valence, formerly Firefox Developer Tools, an add-on for debugging a range of browsers. With Firefox 37 debug tabs can be opened in Chrome Desktop, Chrome for Android and Safari for iOS. 

Firefox 37 also introduces a new animation inspector panel, extending Firefox's animation tooling to support the Web Animation API. 



A new security panel, which can help debug issues related to SSL protocol versions and can help ensure that sufficiently strong security measures are implemented. has been added to the Network Monitor in Firefox Developer Tools. 




Two final developer enhancements are: 

  • Debugger panel support for chrome:// and about:// URIs

  • Added logging of weak ciphers to the web console

There are four HTML5 changes listed in the Firefox 37 Beta Notes

  • Implemented a subset of the Media Source Extensions (MSE) API to allow native HTML5 playback on YouTube

  • WebSocket now available in Web Workers

  • IndexedDB now accessible from worker threads

  • Added support for CSS display:contents

Although Mozilla usually releases a new version of Firefox on a 6-weekly cycle, Firefox 37 is expected in a shorter time frame and should be rolled out by the end of March.






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