Mozilla Layoffs Include MDN Team
Thursday, 13 August 2020

Further to yesterday's report of layoffs at Mozilla we now know that Mozilla's MDN team are among those losing their jobs, which will come as a blow to the many developers who rely on MDN as a source of quality documentation.

Like details of other layoffs, the news that technical writers responsible for MDN content were among those affected came in a Tweet:


This was initially interpreted as meaning that all the Mozilla employees working on MDN were among the 250 whose roles had been axed in this second round of Mozilla layoffs but another tweet painted a less bleak picture:


And today a Tweet from Chris Mills, who is a Mozilla representative on the MDN Product Advisory Board, suggested he is still employed by Mozilla and will continue to work on MDN:


It was only a fortnight ago that we were quoting from Chris Mills' blog post celebrating MDN's 15th anniversary, see MDN Is 15 - How Did It Reach Top Of The Docs? Now the MDN seems under threat and there have been many expressions of support and also of the need to let Mozilla know how important MDN is to the developer community. However, it does seem that Mozilla's new focus means it will offer less to developers and that certainly isn't a comfortable feeling.

Also if, like me you are wondering about the #MozillaLifeboat referenced in tweets, it is a website for:

Connecting Mozilla Alumni who are hiring with people who are looking


Although it is an unofficial directory, set up Gregory Koberger who started his career at Mozilla, leaving over 8 years ago, it looks like a Mozilla site and has an impressive line-up of companies looking to recruit ex-Mozillians. 



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