Zoom Expands Developer Platform
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 11 July 2022

Zoom has announced an expansion of its developer platform with a new SDK. The Zoom Apps SDK is described as providing developers with the resources and support infrastructure needed to build Zoom Apps within the Zoom client.  The Zoom video conferencing app became ubiquitous during the coronavirus pandemic.

Zoom released its first SDKs in 2019, providing a way to integrate Zoom’s core engine into mobile or desktop apps, so developers could create an app with an option for users to start or join Zoom video meetings from inside the app.


The Zoom Apps SDK is a JavaScript SDK that provides access to client features. It  uses a method to get the meeting context, with identifiers for the user and meeting. These identifiers can be used with a  set of API endpoints from the Zoom Developer Platform, including REST APIs and Webhooks Developers can carry out actions such as setting the Virtual Background, and providing the app context for the interaction.

The Zoom team says developers will be able to list apps on the Zoom App Marketplace and in the Zoom client where apps can be installed even during a Zoom meeting.  Apps can be used to "create collaborative experiences across Zoom meetings, and in the Zoom desktop window for asynchronous collaboration".

The SDK includes collaborative tools that can be used to incorporate Zoom Apps into Breakout Rooms, allowing your Zoom meeting participants to break into smaller groups.

Zoom Apps runs an embedded browser in the Zoom client, where web apps run as webviews. Adapting or extending an existing web application is relatively simple. Industry-standard OAuth enables a developer to connect accounts and provide user-level authentication and authorization.

A number of reference apps have been published on GitHub to give developers the starting point for building a Zoom App. The basic reference app is a web application with OAuth to customize the Virtual Background. 

Zoom Apps SDK is available now.


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Zoom Apps SDK

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