Rails 3.1 released
Written by Ian Elliot   
Thursday, 01 September 2011
As the headline says there is a new upgrade to Ruby's favourite partner Rails. The key improvement is more speed but there are subtle changes in technology that are worth knowing about. 


A new facility in the Asset Pipeline called Sprockets is designed to speed up JavaScript and make it a more equal partner. This compresses and minifies the JavaScript and CSS needed for a page. It can even take CoffeeScript or another language that compiles to JavaScript and include it.  The Asset Pipeline is enabled by default and it represents the biggest change in 3.1

Other new features and modifications include

  • HTTP streaming response support has been added. This feature allows you to stream templates to the user before processing has actually finished.

  • Added ActiveModel::SecurePassword to encapsulate simple password usage with BCrypt encryption and salting.

  • Prepared statement caches have been integrated. ActiveRecord::Base#create and simple finders will use a prepared statement and cache for faster inserts and selects.

  • The default format has been changed to JSON for all requests but you can still use XML if you want to.
  • jQuery is the new default JavaScript library.


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Last Updated ( Thursday, 01 September 2011 )