iTrinegy Unveils INE Companion Live
Wednesday, 19 May 2010

If your application makes use of the network how do you find out how it performs in less than ideal conditions? INE Companion Live! allows you to capture, and replay the actual network conditions.



INE Companion Live! is the latest product in iTrinegy's range of network emulators is designed to gather and analyse real time network characteristics such as bandwidth, latency or loss etc of an organisation's network links.


A key feature is that any machine can be converted into network profiler without having to install any software. Just insert a single CD, boot the machine, and it temporarily takes over converting it into a real-time network analyser. Of course it makes no changes to the machine and on-rebooting normally it continues to runt he OS and application it had before. This means you can "borrow" any machine on the network to discover the network conditions. It can be moved between Live and Test environments or even sent to remote sites (via download or physically) to enable remote traffic profiling.


Traditionally companies have used SNMP based information and ping data when looking to gain a picture of the network. This is a time consuming and error prone way of finding out the state of the network.  INE Companion Live! is purpose built for the job and measures the actual flow between a client and server, taking into account the QoS set up of an existing network.

It profiles the network traffic to extract the network characteristics within the live environment, creating  "scenarios" for later use with emulators. It reports traffic flows and response times during testing, for troubleshooting and capacity planning and can capture traffic by address, groups of addresses, applications etc.

Such data helps in understanding network usage and provides reporting on errors, dropped packets, bandwidth utilisation etc. It provides a baseline of both the network and applications in order to construct a realistic emulated network environment. In addition to this its traffic generation, replay and capture features offer the ability to provide a realistic load to the emulated environment.

It can be deployed on any hardware platform with any operating system and doesn't overwrite any existing application but runs immediately once the Live CD is inserted, reverting back to the application once the CD is removed.

The facilities provided will be useful to programmers who are developing applications that run on any WAN/Satellite/Wireless networks, such as Cloud Computing, consolidation and virtualisation. Rather than waiting to see how users react to your network dependant application when things start to go wrong you can enumulate them before hand and troubleshoot more real situations with hard data rather than guesswork.


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an innovative way of capturing,  and replaying in real-time the actual network conditions experienced by companies together with network reporting and analysis, within a single Live CD!
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