GitHub Introduces Embedded Code Snippets
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 17 August 2017

GitHub has added support for embedded code snippets, and there's an updated version of Git, the open source version control system, with a long list of changes, several to the UI. 


Git is the most popular version control system. Originally developed as a bunch of scripts to maintain the development of the linux kernel, it is fast, compresses well and has a lot of tools and resources that work with and around it, in particular GitHub.

The support for embedded code snippets in the new version means you can include references to specific lines of code you want to reference within conversations about issues you're working on. The way it works is that if you're having a conversation with other developers about an area of code, you can paste a link to the lines of code you want to discuss, and when you and your colleagues view the conversation, the code at the link address will be displayed instead of the link, so you can see exactly what you're talking about without leaving the conversation.





You can also mark a section of code, then open a new issue based on it. The code is then included in the conversation about the issue, ready for discussion.

The new release of Git, v 2.14.0, has changes to the UI, and to aspects of the performance.

The changes to the UI start with the ability to configure the colors in which the names of the current branch and its remote-tracking branch are shown. You get better control over the behavior of git clone and git reset; and git archive can now use zip64 extension when necessary to go beyond the 4GB limit.

Git reset now respects the --recurse-submodules option, and git diff --submodule=diff now recurses into nested submodules.

One change that has received positive feedback is that the "indent" heuristics is now the default in "diff". However, you can avoid this by setting the indentHeuristic configuration variable to "false".

Changes to performance and internal implementation include the raising of the default packed-git limit value to save "git fetch" from a (recoverable) failure while "gc" is running in parallel.

The code to update the cache-tree has been tightened, meaning Git now won't accidentally write out any 0{40} entry in the tree object.

Git can now trigger the Windows auto-build tester from its existing Travis CI tester.

Several changes have been made to the way Git works when opening files. Errors when opening optional files are now handled via a helper function; and there's better error reporting when problems occur that aren't just down to missing files.

There's a long list of other minor improvements that you can check out in the announcement.



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