Atom Improves Find In Context
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Monday, 25 June 2018

Atom 1.28 has been released with improvements including a more context-aware Find-In-Project results view. It also now has support for custom color profiles.

Atom was originally developed as GitHub's cloud hosted editor before being made more widely available. Last year saw it taking the first steps to being a full featured IDE, with the user interface being provided by Facebook's Nuclide team.

The first improvement to the new version is an improvement to the Find-in-Project results view. This now groups adjacent matches in the same file and highlights multiple matches on the same line. The idea is that grouping like this makes it easier to understand the context around the matches.

Improved Find In Context

Another improvement is the addition of support for custom color profiles. Designers and other arty types calibrate the colors of their monitor using a color profile, and Atom now automatically honors these profiles when rendering colors. If this alters the appearance of Atom in a way you don't like, there is a new option in the Settings menu that lets you use the original RGB color profile.

A more generally useful improvement to the new version is that it uses the new Electron 2.0. This improves stability and performance, adds new APIs, and upgrades Atom’s Node.js from 7.9.0 to 8.9.3 and Chromium from 58 to 61, also offering new API improvements.

GitHub packaging is another area to have been improved, both in this release and version 1.27 which was a more minor recent upgrade. The developers say that  commit message pre-processing has been substantially revisited, preserving newlines in amended commits, preserving # comments in commits composed within the mini editor, and respecting your commit.cleanup configuration when committing from an expanded editor.

Large file patches are now identified by their actual size in bytes rather than the number of lines in the body of the patch. This is designed to avoid performance loss that could be caused by having patches that were actually large but had only a a relatively small number of lines.

Pair programming is another area to have been improved in the GitHub package. It now lets you add multiple co-authors to any commit, and you can search by name or email to add previous committers as co-authors.


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