CodeLobster Now Multi-Platform
Friday, 12 October 2018

The updated CodeLobster 1.3 has been released with multi-platform support. CodeLobster is a portable IDE that is free to use and offers highlighting and autocomplete for PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The main language supported by CodeLobster is PHP, and it It also has a PHP debugger, a code validator and a SQL manager. The editor is good at dealing with mixed code, and when you have a project such as an HTML file with embedded PHP tags, the different language components are highlighted using different colors.

The PHP debugger can be used to set breakpoints, control locals and watch points, call stack control and URL debugging.


The SQL manager (which is currently only supported in the Windows version, though will be added to the multiplatform version 'soon') includes SQL autocomplete, the ability to edit table structures, data editing, and an export wizard.

Alongside the free-to-use version, there's a professional version of CodeLobster that includes plug-ins for a number of external frameworks. The plug-ins can also be bought separately if you only need one or two. The full list of plug-ins includes Drupal, Joomla and WordPress CMS; several PHP frameworks: CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii, and Laravel; the Smarty and Twig template engines, and JQuery and Node.js JavaScript libraries. 

The improvements to the new release of CodeLobster start with a new live view using the Chrome Web Browser. The PHP autocomplete and validator have both been improved. The Autocomplete pop-up completion list includes both standard PHP and user's constants, variables, functions, classes names, and classes variables and functions. 

New color schemes have been added for Eclipse and Netbeans, and there's a new icon set. Various plug-ins have also been updated so that the Lavarel plug-in supports the Lavarel 5.x installation wizard, and the Angular plug-in now supports Angular version 6.x.


More Information

CodeLobster Website

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