KDevelop Improves C++ Support and Keeps Abreast of Python
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 06 February 2020

KDevelop 5.5 has improved support for C++, PHP and initial support for Python 3.8. KDevelop is a free IDE for the KDE platform on Unix and Linux. It focuses on support for C++, Python, PHP and JavaScript/QML, using external compilers such as Clang and GCC rather than having its own compiler.

The developers of KDevelop say it has advanced editor with semantic code analysis, so can deliver "an enriched programming experience thanks to a deep understanding of your project". C++ programmers are particularly well supported. Following the Clang adoption in 5.0, you get 100% correct code parsing functionality, which means the IDE can accurately check for coding faults even without having to invoke the compiler. KDevelop also supports different workflows to make the development process easier, and the team says it also helps improve the code's quality, verify its functionality and then deploy it anywhere. It doesn't make the coffee. 


None of the improvements to version 5.5 are major; instead the team has concentrated on making the IDE more stable and making small improvements in the support for different languages. It includes initial support for Python 3.8 in order to help developers keep their keep their applications up-to-date with the latest trends.


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For C++ this means the IDE works harder to find types in look-ahead completion, and the addition of configurable predefined checkset selections for Clazy and CLang-tidy. Another improvement means lambda init captures are visited starting with clang 9.0.0.

PHP developers should now be able to use function call parameters after closures, and support has been addedfor PHP 7.4's typed properties. Arrays of type are also now supported, along with class constant visibility, and typed properties as introduced in PHP 7.4. 

More generally, the IDE has improved handling of color schemes, and there's a setting so Clazy and clang-tidy can share code among a raft fixes of minor annoyances. KDevelop 5.5 is available for download now. 



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