NetBeans Adds JDK 14 Support
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 26 March 2020

There's a new version of Apache NetBeans with improvements including more support for JDK 14 and new support for JavaServer Faces.

NetBeans is an IDE for Java SE, Java EE, PHP and JavaScript development with some Groovy language support. It used to also support C, C++ and Python. Python was later dropped from the line-up, and more recent editions have focused mainly on Java with languages such as C and C++ supported using add-ins, but it retains its multi-language credentials.


The highlights of improvements to Java support come as part of the support for JDK 14, starting with support for the new records feature of Jave. Syntax coloring has been added for the new record keyword, so Navigator shows equals, hashCode, toString, etc; and formatting support for records. Pattern matching has also been added for InstantOf.  Pattern matching lets developers express common logic, , namely the conditional extraction of components from objects, in a program more concisely. Two new dark looks - Dark Metal and Dark Nimbus have been added.

The NetBeans team say the donation of the NetBeans C and C++ features from Oracle to Apache has now been completed, though the code has not yet been integrated. They say the task of integration is anticipated to be large and may take some time, involving not only license changes and IP clearance in Apache, but also potentially code changes since not everything that was part of these features in Oracle was able to be donated by Oracle to Apache. Until the code integration is complete, developers will need to use the existing plugins.


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