Lightstep Adds New GitHub Action
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 22 October 2020

Lightstep has announced a new GitHub action, Lightstep Pre-Deploy Check, designed to help developers be proactive about ensuring the quality and performance of their software before it’s actually deployed.

GitHub Actions are designed to let you implement custom logic without having to create a GitHub app. Actions can be combined to create workflows based on actions defined in your repository, a public repository on GitHub, or a published Docker container image. You can use Actions to express business rules, or to connect the services your project uses from inside your project's repository.


Lightstep is best know for its application performance management tools. The company was founded by ex-Google engineer Ben Sigelman, and offers software tools that can track how well applications are working across an organization.

The lightstep-action-predeploy action provides data on the health of production services during software delivery alongside on-call and error information.

This Javascript-based action can be used when a pull request is approved by GitHub reviewers. It uses APIs to provide a summary of deployment risk ahead of a code change going to a production environment.

Lightstep has also partnered with Rollbar and PagerDuty to add more info. If Lightstep completes a risk assessment and determines that the system is unhealthy, it can automatically take a snapshot of the production behavior in real-time and send it to PagerDuty, so the full details of the issue can be examined even if the developer was not there at the moment the issue started.

According to the State of Software Quality 2020 report produced by OverOps,two out of three developers spend at least a day per week troubleshooting issues in their code, and are frustrated by the unknowns that come withd eploying new code into cloud-based, distributed architectures.

Commenting on the new action, Chris Patterson, product manager for GitHub Actions at GitHub, said:

“By bringing Observability data directly into the pull request process on GitHub, developers can avoid context switching, gain more ownership of how their code performs in production, and better support DevOps within their organization.”


More Information

Lightstep Website

Lightstep On GitHub

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