Google Apps Script API Receives Major Update
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Google has revamped its Apps Script platform with a rewrite that includes a new IDE, updated runtime engine to add support for modern JavaScript features in Apps Script projects, and an Apps Script Dashboard.

The App Script platform can be used for developing add-ons for Google Workspace apps including Google Sheets, Docs, Forms and Slides. Apps Script is a scripting language based on JavaScript. You develop in a browser-based code editor, or in Eclipse via an add-in.


Google says that since Apps Script was introduced a decade ago, tens of millions of solution builders have used it because of its tight integration with Google Workspace. The Apps Script runtime engine underwent a major update from the original Rhino runtime to the new V8 version earlier this year, and the Apps Script Dashboard was introduced to provide a ‘homepage’ for Apps Script.


The major new improvement is a rewrite of the Apps Script IDE to make it more project specific so developers can more easily focus on their current active project. Google says it offers developers a more unified experience of moving between project settings and the code editor without having to navigate menus or bounce back to the applications dashboard.


The code editor within the Apps Script IDE has been modernized in its look and feel, and has also been redesigned so developers can focus on the most common essential tasks. This includes moving away from the traditional menu elements across the top of the original code editor, to a streamlined set of commands that focus on developer productivity.

The code editor has also been updated with an improved AutoComplete that has intelligent features like adding parentheses and apostrophes automatically as you code. Visual Indicators have been added to show where issues lie as you navigate within your project, and inline documentation provides interactive definitions of Apps Script objects and methods.

Other improvements include function folding so you can collapse and expand code blocks to focus on what you are working on, and AutoFormating of code.

The new version of Apps Script is available now.



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