JetBrains Launches TeamCity Cloud
Written by Alex Armstrong   
Thursday, 29 April 2021

TeamCity Cloud, the SaaS version of JetBrains well-established CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) product, allows teams to streamline their software development life cycle in the cloud. 


After a year in beta, during which over 5000 companies participated to test its capacity to work at scale and on multiple platforms, TeamCity Cloud is now open to all.

Based on the original on-premises version of TeamCity it shares most of its functionality.  It lets DevOps teams build, test, and deploy their software continuously, automating the routine developer tasks, and providing the tools to configure, monitor, and optimize the release process.

TeamCity Cloud supports all programming languages and integrates natively with all popular tools for building and testing software. Users of TeamCity can even integrate multiple Version Control Systems within a single build pipeline. This lets the developers of all types within the team have their DevOps pipelines under a single TeamCity instance, adding visibility to the CI/CD process within an organization. TeamCity Cloud allows creating CI/CD pipelines both through a fully-functional and insightful web UI, and in code – through Kotlin scripts – which allows quick start with the tool as well as unmatched flexibility.

There's a 14-day free trial for TeamCity Cloud, which allows you to run an unlimited number of builds concurrently and have an unlimited number of users accessing the service. Beyond this pricing is based on the number of committers – users who make more than 10 commits over a 30-day period – and starts with $45 per month for 3 committers and 24,000 build credits, which provides up to 2400 build minutes per month. There are also  ways to save on costs by connecting self-hosted build agents or reserving agents in advance.

 JetBrains Chief Executive Max Shafirov commented:

“We believe that TeamCity Cloud will bring the power and the deep expertise of the on-premises TeamCity to the cloud CI/CD market, allowing the companies of all sizes to orchestrate and streamline their DevOps pipelines."


More Information

TeamCity Cloud Free Trial

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