Red Hat Launches Developer Sandbox
Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Red Hat has launched Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift, an OpenShift-based development environment that aims to make it easier to create Kubernetes-based applications using familiar tools.

Red Hat OpenShift is an open source container application platform based on the Kubernetes container orchestrator for enterprise app development. Its main product is the OpenShift Container Platform, an on-premises platform provided as a service built around Docker containers that are managed by Kubernetes.


The OpenShift sandbox provides a private OpenShift environment in a shared, multi-tenant cluster that is pre-configured with a set of developer tools. The Developer Sandbox comes pre-configured with CodeReady Workspaces, Red Hat's "productised" version of Eclipse Che, meaning developers can quickly spin up a development environment with everything they need, all hosted on OpenShift.

Red Hat says the infrastructure and tools are tightly integrated and designed to provide a safe environment for prototyping or building new applications, adding new services, and creating containers from source code or Dockerfiles.The sandbox also lets developers add services such as databases from Red Hat's templates catalog, and deploy Helm charts.

Alongside the announcement of the sandbox, Red Hat has updated a number of its developer tools including CLI tool odo 2.1, which has an extended declarative developer workspace so it is easier to get building and debugging your app.

Red Hat CodeReady Studio has also been improved, and now has the ability to bootstrap and log into a developer sandbox, or to add, remove and edit devfile registries. The latest release adds support for Python and the ability to debug Python components using the Eclipse debugger.

The Visual Studio Code Tools for Red Hat OpenShift Application Services now supports the ability to add clusters from Red Hat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka, a fully-managed and hosted Kafka service that can be used to incorporate streaming data into applications.



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Red Hat Developer Sandbox

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