The DevOps Master Class - Go Behind The Concept
Written by Nikos Vaggalis   
Thursday, 11 November 2021

This free course by John Savil, a true Master, is 12-hours of superb material on everything you have to know in order to incorporate devops into your workflow.

It really is a complete and structured resource covering every aspect of DevOps, code included. As it is structured it is meant to be watched in order, but that's just a recommendation.

Starting with the definition of DevOps, Savill shows that it is not just about the tools:

DevOps is the union of people,
process, and products
to enable continuous delivery
of value to our end users

It's about bringing teams together and enabling them through the use of agile tools and processes to cooperate, to create new features that bring value to end users as well as cope with frequent changes in requirements, something remedied under a continuous cycle that ensures continual delivery.

And what are those tools and processes?

Git and CI/CD,Monitoring,Infrastructure as code and Containers.

The course tackles all those components of DevOps under the following syllabus :

1 Foundation
2 Master Git
3 ADO and GitHub
5 Secrets
6 Infrastructure as Code
7 Containers & Friends
8 Monitoring & Feedback

Prerequisites for the course are having a copy of Git,VSCode and Microsoft account to access the (free tier) of the Azure cloud.

1 Foundation
General overview, underlying philosophy

2 Master Git
Why version control,what are its benefits and what types there exist. What is Git,how to use it and advanced use.

3 ADO and GitHub
Azure Devops and Github. It's not just code;the author really goes to lengths to convey the underlying theory;as such there's a lot of whiteboarding.

Github actions and pipelines. Some azure devops on the table too
because it's useful to understand where the concept comes from to understand where github actions is today.

5 Secrets
Why secrets,how do we avoid them or if necessary how to securely store them. This is a really useful and insightful chapter that should concern every developer out there.

6 Infrastructure as Code
The whole concept can be summed up in two sentences:

Think about the all up flow we have in these pipelines, about having resources there. Well infrastructure as code really helps us get those resources there in a predictable way.

7 Containers & Friends
Of course a devops master class wouldn't be complete without a talk on Containers. Docker,Kubenetes,Helm etc

8 Monitoring & Feedback

To sum it up,if you would like to drill down into the notion of what devops actually means as well as its underlying theory and philosophy, which requires you to spend a lot of time watching whiteboards and diagrams, then this is for you. This doesn't mean that it is not practical - it is practical on top of the theory.

On the other hand. if you are looking for something quick, just a show me how to do it guide without the details, then it's best to look elsewhere. Whatever you decide, just consider that this material is certainly much sought after when looking to get Certified.

The associated material and code can be found on this Github repo,and the videos can be found as complete playlist on Youtube.


More Information

DevOps Master Class on Youtube

DevOps Master Class on Github

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