CodeSee Launches Enterprise Code Mapping Tool
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 06 September 2022

CodeSee has launched a code visibility platform aimed at enterprise customers. The company claims that CodeSee Enterprise allows developers to create a Google Maps-like experience for their code workflow".

CodeSee's platform detects, visualizes, and automates code with the aim of creating maintainable, resilient codebase. The new version extends the existing tool so it runs withing the cloud environment of an organization.


CodeSee aims to overcome the problem that has arisen through the move to creating microservices. Working out just how these fit together is tricky, meaning developers don't have a clear idea of where problems lie, or which processes rely on others.

CodeSee was founded in 2019, and is now integrated with GitHub. The company says

"Many development teams lack a shared understanding of how their codebase functions in full. It’s a vast amount of knowledge for even the most experienced engineers to maintain and share, let alone those who are new to the code. "

The CodeSee tools are designed to give developers a way to visualize the code and map it through development into production. The map can be used to see services and microservices and how everything gits together. The display shows endpoints, API calls, and any third party APIs being used, and links each element to the underlying code. All connections between services are automatically detected, visualized, and linked to the code.

The CodeSee team say it is designed to provide a more accessible version of the code knowledge that is typically passed around verbally from developer to developer, or maintained in stale documentation. CodeSee also has a suite of governance features for both the business and enterprise tiers including allowing teams to Enforced SSO organization-wide, disabling public maps, and allowing only users with approved domains to join.

CodeSee Enterprise is available now.



More Information

CodeSee Website

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