GitHub Introduces New Features At Universe 2022
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 10 November 2022

GitHub has announced a number of improvements for developers, including Copilot for Business, voice based interaction, and the availability of Codespaces for all users. 

The announcements were made on Day 1 of GitHub Universe 2022 currently taking place in San Francisco, and are aimed at making the GitHub environment more productive and secure.


Copilot, described by GitHub as

an AI pair programmer that suggests code in your editor

was released for individual developers in June 2022 after a year in Technical Preview. It is now being extended so that it can be used by developer teams of any size. Copilot for Business has added admin controls and the ability to manage licenses. 


The next addition is an experimental voice-based interaction feature called “Hey GitHub”. The GitHub team says this has the goal of making Copilot accessible to developers who may not be able to use a keyboard everyday. For those of you who are less convinced this is a positive step, the good news is that at the moment its only available when coding within VSCode, but the team hopes to expand its capabilities through "further research and testing".

Codespaces is another area that's being expanded, and will now be available for individuals. All GitHub users will receive 60 hours of Codespaces for free every month, which the team says should help lower the barrier to entry for developers everywhere.

  • There are improvements to code search & code view, including a new faster search engine and new search interface.
  • The queries feature now has suggestions completions and the ability to filter results; and the code view has been redesigned to integrate search browsing and code navigation.
  • Projects has been improved with the addition of a Roadmap and tasklists. The intention is that Roadmap will provide a full picture of what’s being worked on, what’s next, and how those items span across time.

GitHub has also launched the public beta of private vulnerability reporting, which will give project maintainers a private new way to receive information about vulnerabilities in open source repositories.

More Information

Copilot Website



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