Pulumi Announces Copilot AI Management
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Thursday, 13 June 2024

Pulumi has announced Pulumi Copilot, an AI tool for general cloud infrastructure management. Copilot uses large language models with semantic understanding of the cloud to provide insights and controls over managing cloud infrastructure.

Pulumi is an open source infrastructure as code platform that supports the use of general-purpose programming languages for cloud development. Pulumi is made up of components that work together, and supports mainstream programming languages including TypeScript, Go, . NET, Python, and Java, as well as markup languages such as YAML and CUE.


The tool can be used as an interactive copilot in Pulumi Cloud. The Pulumi team say Pulumi Cloud has a new interactive copilot user interface that follows engineers wherever they go and understands context, including their organization's usage patterns, the page they are currently on, and chat history. Users can ask a question and the copilot will provide relevant and contextual responses.

The Pulumi documentation has also been reworked to include an interactive copilot, as has the command line interface. This now can help with tasks such as diagnosing cloud errors, analysing cloud infrastructure resources, and generating code.

Pulumi Copilot works with a wide range of cloud resources including public clouds (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), cloud native (Kubernetes, Helm), and SaaS providers (Snowflake, Cloudflare, Datadog). The tool directly interfaces with these cloud APIs and data models, allowing users to query, modify, and manipulate resources on any cloud directly through the copilot interface.

Pulumi says Copilot can be used for automation of writing code; creating and managing infrastructure; analyzing and updating infrastructure for cost, compliance, and security concerns; answering questions about cloud usage and team development velocity; troubleshooting problems; and detecting anomalies through observability information.

Pulumi Copilot is available to all Pulumi users starting today and is free during its public beta.


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Pulumi AI Copilot

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