New Beta of dtSearch
New Beta of dtSearch
Written by Ian Elliot   
Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Version 7.70 of the dtSearch product line is now in beta testing.  The new version adds improvements to document filters including extending hit highlighting to images as well as text in Office documents and emails.

dtSearch’s proprietary document filters support a broad range of data types (many of which already included combined image and text support). The full list in the new beta is

  • “Office” documents:  MS Office, OpenOffice, RTF, PDF, etc. The beta also adds support for Japanese Ichitaro documents
  • Emails:  MS Exchange, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc, all with nested attachments
  • Compression formats:  ZIP, RAR, GZIP/TAR, etc.
  • Web-ready data:  HTML, XML/XSL and PDF - already with full image (in addition to text) support
  • Dynamic data:  PHP, ASP.NET, SharePoint, etc - already with full image (in addition to text) support
  • Databases:  SQL including BLOB data (through the dtSearch Engine APIs), MS Access, XBASE, XML, CSV, etc


The document filters support parsing of all these data types as well as text extraction and/or conversion to HTML as required for browser display with highlighted hits. The new beta extends the document filters to add image support to Word (.doc/.docx), PowerPoint (.ppt/.pptx), Excel, (.xls/.xlsx), Access (.mdb/accdb), RTF, and email files including Thunderbird (mbox/.eml), and Outlook (.pst/.msg) files.  The beta displays these formats showing highlighted hits in context with both text and now images.

The document filters also support documents and images in multi-level nested configurations.  For example, the new beta  supports viewing images in a PowerPoint slide embedded in a Word document attached as a zipped file to an email message.  A new “object extraction” API lets developers navigate through the structure of each embedded object as a hierarchy, and optionally extract each object. 

The dtSearch Spider, accessible through a .NET API, works with local and remote, static and dynamic web content.  Hit-highlighted searching can span any level of site depth, across any number of public and private or secure sites, including support for log-ins and forms-based authentication.  

dtSearch Engine for Win & .NET and the dtSearch Engine for Linux make available dtSearch document filters and instant searching for a wide range of Internet, Intranet and other commercial applications.  The SDKs include native 64-bit and 32-bit C++, Java and .NET (through 4.x) APIs.  The new release also covers dtSearch Web with Spider, for quickly publishing instantly searchable data to an Internet or Intranet site; dtSearch Network with Spider for instantly searching across a network; dtSearch Publish for publishing searchable data to portable media, and dtSearch Desktop with Spider for desktop search.


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