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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

• Vim 8.0 Released!

• Emacs 25.1 Released





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Who would be so stupid or foolhardy to make a comment in the biggest and best publicized flame war in programming history, with the possible exception of spaces and tabs. Yes it is Vim V Emacs.

For reasons only the gods will fathom we have two, simultaneous, apparently major, releases of these totems of non-IDE based programming. Ah nothing quite like stirring the flames of war. 


Vim 8.0 released!

 Announcing:  Vim (Vi IMproved) version 8.0 

This the first major Vim release in ten years.  There are interesting 
new features, many small improvements and lots of bug fixes. 

Among the new features are: 
- Asynchronous I/O support, channels, JSON 
- Jobs 
- Timers 
- Partials, Lambdas and Closures 
- Packages 
- New style testing 
- Viminfo merged by timestamp 
- GTK+ 3 support 
- MS-Windows DirectX support 

Once you have installed Vim 8.0 you can find details about the changes 
since Vim 7.4 with: 
        :help version8 

Or view it online: 



Emacs 25.1 released

Version 25.1 of the Emacs text editor is now available.

Highlights of this release include

  • Emacs can now load shared/dynamic libraries (modules)
  • Experimental support for Cairo drawing
  • Enhanced network security (TLS/SSL certificate validity and the like)
  • New minor mode 'electric-quote-mode' for using curved quotes as you type
  • Character folding support in isearch.el
  • Xwidgets: a new feature for embedding native widgets inside Emacs buffers
  • New and improved facilities for inserting Unicode characters

There are many more changes; for a summary see the etc/NEWS file, which you can view from Emacs with `C-h n'.

For the complete list of changes and the people who made them, see the various ChangeLog files in the source distribution. For a summary of all the people who have contributed to Emacs, see the etc/AUTHORS file.

Printed copies of the Emacs manual are available for purchase from the Free Software Foundation's online store at: http://shop.fsf.org/product/emacs-manual/

(The version on sale is updated for Emacs 24.2, but it remains a great reference book for current Emacs, and buying a copy is a great way to support the work of the FSF.)






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