Alexa Gadgets SDK For Voice-Enabled Play
Written by Harry Fairhead   
Monday, 02 October 2017

At the same time as launching new Echo products, Amazon has announced Alexa Gadgets and unveiled Echo Buttons, which can be controlled using the Alexa Gadgets SDK and the Gadgets Skill API.



Not only has Amazon expanded the range of Alexa-powered Echo devices, it has also augmented the range of activities that Alexa can be involved in. We've already reported on the updated release of the Alexa Smart Home Skill API but there is now another SDK that give developers a new set of opportunities with Alexa Gadgets. 

Alexa Gadgets are Echo-branded accessories. One of the first gadgets in Echo Connect which connects to your existing phone line or VoIP and allows your Echo speaker to act as a speakerphone. 

Echo Buttons, are being sold in a two-pack for $19.99 and will ship "this holiday season". Unlike the Echo Connect they  don't have a clear practical role, Instead they exist to bring "more fun and play into you home" and it is going to be up to developers to decide exactly what to do with them. For this they will use the Gadgets Skill API which lets you:

Create gaming experiences that respond to button presses and send actions to Echo Buttons, such as animations that direct the buttons to illuminate. Build games that allow customers to buzz in, follow a sequence or pattern, or trigger other forms of engagement with Alexa skills. will enable developers to build products and experiences that turn a compatible Echo device into a hub for interactive play.



The Alexa Gadgets SDK also includes the following APIs to enable you to create your own gadgets: 

  • Gadget Actions API allows you to control your Alexa Gadget to move motors, flash lights, or trigger other actions based on a customer interaction with Alexa.

  • Gadget Sync API allows you to synchronize the actions of your Alexa Gadget to sounds from Amazon Music and Alexa’s responses coming from an Echo device in real-time.

  • Gadget Notification API lets you build an Alexa Gadget that reacts to notifications sent to an Echo device.

  • Gadget Input API enables you to send inputs from your Alexa Gadget through an Echo device. Specifically, you can take action within your skill as a result of these inputs, and send actions back to your Alexa Gadget.

The Alexa Gadgets developer tools are not yet available but you can sign up here for notification by email when they are. 


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