IoT Software Development - the Ins and Outs
Written by Derrick Vasel   
Friday, 26 March 2021

Forecasts suggest that there will be more than 75 billion IoT connected devices in use by 2025. This is an expansion that we cannot afford to ignore.


IoT, the Internet of Things, is billed as next industrial revolution, implying an entirely new approach to the way physical objects interact in a digital world. IoT does not just have an impact on our everyday lives as consumers, it is transforming businesses and industries. As the world adapts to fast-paced digital transformation. IoT is of the utmost benefit in connecting devices, products, and machines and collecting data in a shared system. It is IoT that is the I/O interface, handling the Ins and Outs of 2ist centiry technology. We are already experiencing tremendous innovative changes where IoT is deployed in smart homes, smart offices, health care, agriculture, security, and in the automotive retail and logistics sectors.

While IoT can be a game-changer for virtually every business, to take advantage of the endless possibilities and benefits of IoT, you will need a distinct approach to software development, embedded software is the foundation for the execution of many Internet of Things solutions, and is used to control machines and devices like telecommunication networks, cars, industrial robots, etc. 


Photo credit: Sirin Software

To achieve the full benefits of IoT, software development will need to parallel hardware development. IoT product delivery can be considered as being composed of different stages:

  1. The unification of the device and software with the whole work environment.

  2. Testing the device and software required in a chosen environment to decide whether all assumptions have been met.

  3. Adjusting the prototype to industrial production based on the company’s cost requirements and device dimensions.

Many companies that opt to incorporate IoT are not traditionally involved in computing, also not every organization has the ability to maintain and manage the software. Even traditional embedded software hasn’t engaged with all the practices needed to develop the software. This provides us with opportunities as well as challenges as we all adapt to the rapid pace of interconnection brought by IoT and it transforms the ways in which new value can change one’s life and business. 

The message is that we must to invest in IoT early, as the expected return is boundless.



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