ModKit Micro - Visual Programming for Hardware
Written by Harry Fairhead   
Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Modkit Micro is a graphical programming environment for microcontrollers which provides a plug 'n play visual programming interface to a wide range of hardware.


ModKit Micro allows you to add add behaviors to objects but without have to learn traditional programming.  It gives an accessible way to program popular protyping boards such as Arduino or Wiring.


(click to view details of supported hardware)

Once you plug your chosen prototyping board into your PC you can add behaviors simply by dragging and dropping:


(click to view)


You can also read and edit the code:



(click to view)


ModKit is aimed at inventors and engineers of all ages and its team are keen to see it used by kids, as this video shows:


Modkit Micro is currently on the Kickstarter, the fundraising website, where it is making good progress towards its goal with rewards that include early access to its desktop version. A free web-based version is due to be launched later this year.

This video, made for Kickstarter campaign, introduces the team as well as the product:


This could be the way to learn programming that we have been waiting for. Creating apps for an Android phone using App Inventor or general apps using Scratch are good ways to learn but their runtime environments can be complex. The simpler world of a microcontroller such as the Arduino makes a better target and even simple result such as flashing an LED seem much more exciting. 





More Information

ModKit Micro

ModKit Micro on Kickstarter

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