IoT Embraces Open Source
Wednesday, 25 May 2016

A Vision Mobile report in its IoT series about Open Source based on the findings of the 10th edition Developer Economics is now available and we have the highlights. Meanwhile there's still a few days left to take part in the April-May 2016 survey.




As the Develop Economics survey is made by developers, for developers the questions are very relevant! 

They are one topics like programming languages, platforms, app categories, tool categories, revenue models and, as this one is entitled Developer Tools Benchmarking, tools. One incentive for contributing to the research is to get feedback about you how your answers compare you to other developers in your country by way of a custom scorecard and to receive a free report with its findings.

If you provide your email address you can be entered into a prize draw up to six times and if you join the Vision Mobile Developer Panel you also collect point toward an Amazon Gift Card - see Be Counted In the Next VisionMobile Survey for more info or just take the Survey.

We've already reported some of the findings of the Vision Mobile's Q1 2016 report, see Vision Mobile Reveals Latest Developer Landscape but the wealth of data available from surveying a total of over twenty thousand developers means that there's plenty more to say.

Vision Mobile has produced a report "Open source in the Internet of Things" based on information from 3,700 IoT developers in 150 countries. A staggering 91% of these devs use open source technology and 6 out of 10  contribute to open source projects.




The infographic, which is intended as a teaser for the full report, also reveals what motivates IoT devs to use open source. For half of them it's the "free-as-in-speech" philosophy; for a third its the community support and for the fifth is because open source is at the curring edge and perceived as new and exciting.




More Information

Take the Survey

Open Source in the Internet of Things

Developer Economics State of the Developer Nation Q1 2016


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