Flutter 3.7 Adds New Rendering Runtime
Written by Kay Ewbank   
Tuesday, 31 January 2023

The latest release of Flutter was showcased at Flutter Forward, an event hosted by Google for the developer community to highlight future plans for Flutter.

Flutter is Google's open source mobile UI framework that can be used to create native interfaces on iOS and Android. It was created as a combination of Google's Dart programming language and a runtime environment that is referred to as an app engine in Flutter.


The Flutter 3.7 release adds the ability to create custom menu bars and cascading menus. It also comes with new debugging tools and faster rendering. There's also much better support for Material 3 in 3.7 with the migration of many widgets.

Magic 3 Support In Flutter 3.7

The improved rendering comes courtesy of the new Impeller rendering engine which the team says is ready for preview on iOS on the stable channel. The developers say they think the performance of Impeller will meet or exceed the Skia renderer for most apps. They do point out that while they are increasingly confident that Impeller on iOS will meet the rendering needs of nearly all existing Flutter apps, there are still a few gaps in API coverage.

The improved debugger is just one of the devtools enhancements. The DevTools Memory debugging tool has been completely overhauled, and has three new feature tabs, Profile, Trace, and Diff. These support all the debugging features that were already supported and add the ability to analyze the current memory allocation for your app by class and memory type, investigate what code paths are allocating memory for a set of classes at runtime, and diff memory snapshots to understand memory management between two points in time.

Flutter 3.7 is available now. 


More Information

Flutter Website

Flutter Forward

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