The Weekly Top 10: Ruby and Rails
Written by Alex Armstrong   
Thursday, 28 July 2016

The I Programmer team tries to cover as many as possible of the languages you might be interested in, but now and then it's good to have outside help. This round up of posts from around the web is focussed on Ruby on Rails, Ruby and Rails. - 7 Must-Reads about JavaScript with Ruby on Rails

Whether you are an experienced web developer or just getting your feet wet in the wonderful "ocean" of web development and programming, these handy resources can help you improve your skills in JavaScript and hopefully teach you a few new tricks along the way. - The Detailed Guide on How Ajax Works with Ruby on Rails

This is a tutorial for ajax use with Rails conventions. For illustrative purposes, we'll build a single-page task list app. For reference and convenience, I have created 2 github repos: Static Task List: A textbook example on creating a basic and static task list. - Ruby on Rails 3.2 Blog in 15 minutes Step by Step

In this article we'll learn how to add features to your blogging engine, show you more about Rails, and make your blog look nicer using Zurb Foundation. - Start writing tests in Ruby: useful gems

Being a QA engineer is a continuous struggle in finding the right resources in order to get the job done easier and more efficiently. If you are planning to write automated tests in RSpec (Ruby's testing framework), then you should take a look over these gems. Please notice that I am most of the time automating backend tests only, so the libraries I am using are for this purpose mainly. - Ruby on Rails Examples

Ruby on Rails continues to be an extremely powerful yet developer-friendly solution for tackling all manner of web projects, and this trend doesn't appear to be abating anytime soon. While Rails is far too massive a topic to cover everything, in this article we've assembled some of the most fundamental Ruby on Rails Examples for 2016 as you embark on your own development journey with Rails and the amazing possibilities with which that entails. - Top Ruby on Rails jobs with London startups

Looking for Ruby on Rails jobs in London? UK startups on the lookout for talented people like you! Check out tech companies hiring Ruby developers now. - 20 Ruby Developers to Follow Online

Created by Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto and first released (as version 0.95) in 1995, Ruby didn't become massively popular until a decade later, when the Ruby on Rails web application framework was written. Want to keep track of or interact with some of the brightest minds in the community? Want to learn tips and tricks that'll save you oodles of coding time? Following, in alphabetical order, are 20 Ruby developers to follow online. - Pros and Cons of Ruby on Rails

Here at Made Tech we're big fans of Ruby and use Ruby on Rails for most of our web applications. Over the years we've had countless conversations about the pros and cons of Ruby and the reason we favour it over languages like PHP, Python, NodeJS or GoLang. In this article, I want to take you through some of these reasons and explain why we think Ruby is a fantastic choice for a modern web application. - The 50 Best Websites to Learn Ruby

Did you know that Ruby is not the same as Ruby on Rails? In this week's installment of our Top 50 Series, The Top 50 Websites To Learn Ruby, you'll find out many quality places to learn from. Oftentimes in the world of web development, Ruby on Rails (RoR) is talked about more than Ruby itself.

Twilio Greg Baugues - How to build SMS Phone Verification in Rails 4 using AJAX

You've undoubtedly done something like this before: That's the SMS phone verification for AirBnB, which uses Twilio to allow hosts and guests to chat without sharing their actual phone numbers. In this tutorial, we'll use Twilio SMS and AJAX to add phone verification into a Rails 4 app.

 wtop10rubyFrom Our Partners

Electric Cloud - Release Management Wiki: The First Knowledge Hub on Software Release Management

Electric Cloud set out to create a wiki-based knowledge hub that would collect all the relevant information from around the world on software release management, and organize it into a meaningful structure, to help the community understand and learn this important discipline. The wiki covers over 200 topics: release automation, agile practices, ITIL/ITSM concepts, deployment, release planning, and more. 

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