R Consortium Grants
Written by Alex Armstrong   
Tuesday, 29 March 2016

In its second round of funding, the R Consortium has awarded $200,000 to seven projects. Two new working groups have also been announced.


Backed by the Linux Foundation the R Consortium is an independent open source foundation that supports the R community and complements the work of the R Foundation that maintains the R language, widely used by statisticians, analysts and data scientists.

Announced on June 30, 2015, the R Consortium made its first grant last November to R-Hub, a new service designed for developing, building, testing and validating R packages. 

The recipients for the seconds round are:

  • A unified framework for distributed computing in R - to achieve standardization intended to simplify and standardize how users program distributed applications in R, ultimately reducing duplication of effort.

  • Improving database interface - to advance database access in R so that porting code is simplified and less prone to error.

  • RIOT - R Implementation, Optimization and Tooling Workshops -a one-day workshop to unite R language developers and share information on everything from tools to R language development.

  • R Localization Proposal (RL10N) - to make it easier for R developers to include translations in their own packages.

  • Sat R Days - community-led, regional conferences to support collaboration, networking and innovation within the R community.

  • Simple features access for R - a tool to simplify analysis on modern geospatial data using standards supported by the Open Geospatial Consortium and the International Organization for Standardization

  • Software Carpentry R Instructor Training - a two-day in-person training course on the basics of R programming.

Proposal are invited for further grant awards with a submission deadline of July 10, 2016

The recent announcement also included the formation of two working groups to facilitate collaboration and focus the community’s efforts in developing the R programming language by way of standardization and best practices.


  • Future-proof native APIs for R: This working groups will assess current native API usage, gather community input, and work towards an easy-to-understand, consistent and verifiable API that will drive R language adoption.

  • Code Coverage Tool for R: This working groups will address feature and platform limitations of existing tools while also promoting the use of code coverage more systematically within the R ecosystem.



With Microsoft also lending its support to R its continuing popularity looks assured. 

More Information

R Consortium Funds Technical Initiatives

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