JetBrains Celebrates Software Developers
Friday, 26 April 2024

JetBrains has launched a campaign celebrating software developers worldwide. The campaign is run on behalf of JetBrains IDEs, the company's range of integrated development environment products.

The campaign slogan is "Make it happen. With Code", and the aim is to highlight the combination of creativity and technical prowess that developers use to bring innovative ideas to life.


JetBrains, best known for itsrange of IDEs, says it wants to recognize the heroes of the tech industry, to inspire future generations of coders, and to appreciate the art and science involved in software development.

The core idea of the campaign is to showcase technologies such as VR, AI and facial recognition payment technology. The opening part of the campaign is a video featuring personal stories from developers,showcasing their contributions to technology and innovation. JetBrains has hidden easter eggs on its site so developers can take part in an online easter egg hunt, and more easter eggs are hidden in the YouTube video and in JetBrains' various tools.

The campaign continues with what's described as "a variety of engaging activities", including a memes contest where JetBrains will ask developers to share their most mystical-looking code and quizzes on social media related to the campaign. The definition of mystical-looking code is left suitably mysterious. The campaign will also feature advertising on social media and within online communities, and input from developer influencers, including shoutouts from Fireship, ForrestKnight and Tom Developer.



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Make It Happen With Code

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