Google I/O 2014 Site Launches
Written by Lucy Black   
Thursday, 27 March 2014

We already know the dates and venue for Google I/O 2014 - it will take place June 25-26 at Moscone West in San Francisco. Now that the event's website has opened there's some more information - but not much!

Indeed, on the desktop, the first impression of the latest incarnation of the Google I/O site is that it is a blank page. Then some colored orbs appear and when you click the arrow that appears with them you get to a page that seems chaotic! If you leave the animation running, the audiovisual experience is mesmerizing - but also mystifying.



If you want to know more refresh the page and look for the notice in light grey at the lower left of the screen that provides a downward pointing arrow with "Continue to site".

To understand the animation click the information icon at the lower right to learn that it is a web experiment built using only CSS 3D.

So if you want to be at Google I/O 2014 how do you go about it?

As we reported last month (see Google I/O 2014 Will Have Registration By Lottery), it really will be a matter of luck who gets to attend the event in person. But as with any lottery, you can't win unless you enter and the dates for the registration period have now been announced.

According to the Help page on the Google I/O site:

The window to submit a registration application will remain open from 5:00am PDT on April 8th until 5:00pm PDT on April 10th, so you’ll have plenty of time to apply.

Tickets cost $900 ($300 for those eligible for an Academic Admission Ticket) and you'll need to sign into Google+ to begin and use Google Wallet to pay. Once the registration period is over the draw will take place and confirmation emails will be sent.

It's interesting to speculate what the effect of this process will be. You can only apply for a ticket for yourself - so if part of the experience is going with others you know perhaps people will opt for I/O Extended events - though at the moment all the website says about this is "More details coming soon".

Live or remote there's likely to be a lot to be learned from Google I/O 2014, even if its own website currently doesn't give much away.



More Information

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