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Wednesday, 07 May 2014

From May 19- 23 developers will gather in the Barbican Centre, London for the inaugural SDD Conference. Whether you are a web developer, a .NET developer, or a mobile developer (or perhaps all three), it is a chance to "learn from the best".

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One of the best reasons to take a week out of your normal schedule and attend the Software Design & Development Conference is in order to get an independent view on the latest technologies from experts in their specific topics. If you can't spare the whole week you can book for as little as a single workshop.

For an overview of the entire event, which offers nine full day workshops of each of Monday May 19th and Friday May 23rd and 88 90-minute breakout sessions during the main conference, see the online schedule or, for details of all the sessions download the SDD 2014 Timetable. Here we pick just a few that seem particularly topical.



Given the title of the conference it's not surprising to find UI/UX cropping up quite a lot and you can start the week with Dave Wheeler's pre-conference workshop UX design for developers.

Microsoft unveiled "Universal apps at BUILD at the beginning of April and we considered that its vision perhaps didn't go far enough. Dino Esposito's takes on the concept seems more promising. In his talk  Universal web apps: one site for multiple UXs and devices, he promises to present:

an approach to mobile website development that is universal and covers a selected number of device profiles like smartphone, tablet, wearable and desktop as a special case of the device. In more detail, we’ll see how to leverage device detection and ASP.NET display mode facilities to build a single website that switches views intelligently based on the capabilities of the detected device.

If you are an experienced ASP.NET MVC developer and want to know about the new features in the latest version, Scott Allen's What's new with ASP.NET MVC sets out to cover both the framework and its supporting cast. 

Node.js is fast becoming part of the landscape. Hadi Hariri's talk Web development with Node.js is aimed at anyone from a .NET, Ruby or Java background who wants to get up to speed in creating web applications with it. He says:

We’ll learn the basics of Node.js and how to get up and running creating web applications in no time with Node.js. We’ll dig into code organisation, something very important in JavaScript, routing, view engines, models, authentication, session management as well as cover some of the more useful and important packages in the Node.js ecosystem.

Hadi is also running a one-day post-conference workshop on web development with Node.js, and in particular with Express.js, an extremely lightweight Sinatra-influenced framework for Node.js.

For those more interested in client side development, Kevin Jones offers Building interactive clients with knockout.js explaining:

Client side development in the browser is becoming more and more important. Clients expect highly interactive applications that respond quickly to changes. To manage this developers have to cope with the demands of JavaScript. While jQuery is a fantastic tool, sometimes it feels too low-level, and maybe needs to have something layered on top. One such layering is knockout.js. This provides an MVVM programming model for the browser.

Kevin also has a  post-conference workshop on Designing and building applications with AngularJS and a session on AngularJS for .NET developers from Christian Weyer is in the schedule earlier in the week in which he'll show you how to apply it to develop business applications in a way that resembles the well-known MVVM model from WPF and Silverlight.

With Heartbleed still in the headlines security is a topic that is very much to the fore. A post-conference workshop, A day of identity &
access control for modern applications led by Dominic Baier and Brock Allen covers a set of technologies like OAuth2, OpenID Connect and JSON Web Tokens showing how they fit together to secure modern applications using .NET on the server and arbitrary technologies on the client. The same material is covered during the main conference in two talks from Dominic Baier, Securing ASP.NET Web APIs and Identity & access control for .NET 4.5 applications – and beyond; and two from Brock Allen Identity management in ASP.NET and Web security: threats and mitigation.

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