Codetracer - Have Your Code Peer Reviewed
Written by Nikos Vaggalis   
Monday, 15 May 2017

Codetracer is a new free service for coders who seek wisdom through brainstorming when stuck in writing their code.



Here's how it works - you post the snippet of code that puzzles you on the forum, annotate with inline comments the specific lines that give you the trouble, provide a general description of the problem and wait for help from the hosts or any peers, i.e. any interested member subscribed to the service.

Let's see an example. The member a.osman had the following issue:

"What i want to do is to create static method in a class that convert any json type to any HashMap. More details on lines comments."

The code in question was :

with the inline comments shifting the focus to the troublesome line 17:

HashMap<String, String> map = new HashMap<keyClass, valueClass>();

which has been annotated with "keyClass and valueClass : gives error(Unknown Class Type)"

Any number of peers can join the brainstorming and post observations:


can you give an example of how you call the method, as an implementation i see that its fine ...


I get error at HashMap<String, String> map = new HashMap<keyClass, valueClass>(); The error is that KeyClass and value class are unidentified classes.

check the comment on line 17.


What if the type of the value is not string I suggest that you replace String in the HashMap value with Object and replace this jObject.getString(key); with this jObject.get(key);


It isn't about the type of String ... if I managed to acquire the type as a parameter then I will be able to change this String to anything


But what if the json object have different types of values like: { "name":"ahmed", "age":55 } you are sending one type in the parameters Secondly the key is always String, isn't it?


I want to get the model class type like User, Calendar, Categories ... That what I want to determine, not the inner classes.

Again,it's important to understand that it's not 100% certain that the seeker of wisdom will receive a hard coded solution to his problem, he might just receive insight and guidance to reach a solution himself.

Posts must be tagged with relevant terms like 'android', 'class', 'generic', 'java' for attracting the appropriate peer.

The trending tags at the moment are #python, #android, #java and #django. Notice #django indicates that the service is not restricted to programming questions but covers any topics that require configuration, such as devops. So don't be surprised if you see questions on 'nginx' floating around.

You might be thinking "but there's stack overflow for this kind of thing!" The difference is that the Codetracer community is still small and therefore focused. Hence you have a better chance of getting a reply back or a solution to your issue. So why not give it a try next time you feel stuck?


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