Monday, 16 August 2010


Try out our interactive game of Life implemented in Silverlight. Find out what Life is all about and find some interesting patterns.

SilverLife - Life in Silverlight

Note: This page needs Silverlight 4 installed.

Life isn’t a game, it’s more something to explore – and no I’m not talking about life but the cellular automata invented by John Conway. To know more about the theory read The Meaning of Life and for some up-to the minute news of potentially important life forms see It's life but not ...

If you want to know how the program was constructed then see:Life in Silverlight 4. Registered users can also download the code from the CodeBin.

As long as you have Silverlight 4 installed you should be able to see the Run button and the empty grid ready for you to draw some patterns.

Simply click where you want to toogle the state of a cell to draw a starting pattern. Click the Run button when you are ready to see the evolution of your pattern in action.

If you are using IE and the grid doesn't appear - move your mouse over the area. Yes it's a bug in Silverlight IE support

Life in Silverlight

(may take a few seconds to load)

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