Sunday, 12 September 2010


SilverSort is a sorting lab written in C# and Silverlight. You can read about how it was created in a related article.

SilverSort - A sorting lab in Silverlight

Note: This page needs Silverlight 4 installed.

Sorting is a very basic programming task and there are lots of ways of doing it. It is also one of the areas where getting it right matters.

SilverSort is a sorting lab designed to allow you to see how a sort actually moves data around. You can use it to try out three variations on a bubble sort, a shell sort and finally a quick sort.

If you want to know how the program was constructed then see:SilverSort a sorting lab.

Registered users can also download the code from the CodeBin.

As long as you have Silverlight 4 installed you should be able to see the buttons and the blank graph ready for you to generate some data.

Click the Generate and shuffle buttons followed by any of the sorting buttons to see the program in action. You can click the shuffle button as many times as you like before re-sorting.

If you are using IE and the grid doesn't appear - move your mouse over the area. Yes it's a bug in Silverlight IE support

Sorting in Silverlight

(may take a few seconds to load)

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