Mandelbrot Zoomer

The Mandelbrot Zoomer lets you explore the structure of the Mandelbrot set and it uses some interesting Silverlight techniques which you can read about how it was created in a related article.

Mandelbrot Zoomer

Note: This page needs Silverlight 4 installed.

The Mandelbrot set is fascinating and you can spend at lot of time just looking at its details and wondering if the structure it displays will ever end.

This Silverlight program is an implementation of a zoomer which allows you to select an area of the set that you would like to view and it scales it to fill the area.

If you want to know how the program was constructed then see: Silverlight Mandelbrot Zoomer.

Registered users can also download the code from the CodeBin.

As long as you have Silverlight 4 installed you should be able to see the buttons and the blank graph ready for you to generate some data.

Wait for the starting image to appear and then click and drag to define the area you would like to look at. When you release the mouse button the area will be re-computed and displayed. Notice that this takes time to be patient.

If you are using IE and the grid doesn't appear - move your mouse over the area. Yes it's a bug in Silverlight IE support

Silverlight Mandelbrot Zoomer

(may take a few seconds to load)

Last Updated ( Sunday, 17 October 2010 )