More Effective C# 2nd Ed (Addison Wesley)
Monday, 18 September 2017

This book is a collection of 50 intermediate-to-advanced techniques for writing robust and well-performing C# 7.0 code. Reflecting the growing sophistication of the C# language and its development community, author Bill Wagner presents new solutions to problems you are likely to encounter every day. This second edition has been completely reorganized to provide clear explanations, expert tips, and realistic code examples in a cohesive package for modern C#, covering C# 7.0.



Author: Bill Wagner
Publisher: Addison Wesley
Date: August 2017
Pages: 304
ISBN: 978-0672337888
Print: 0672337886
Kindle: B074RJT99M
Audience: C# developers
Level: Intermediate/advanced
Category: C#



  • Use properties instead of accessible data members
  • Distinguish between value and reference types
  • Understand relationships among multiple concepts of equality
  • Avoid conversion operators in your APIs
  • Understand how interface and virtual methods differ
  • Avoid overloading methods defined in base classes
  • Create method groups that are clear, minimal, and complete
  • Enable immediate error reporting in iterators and async methods
  • Use async methods for async work
  • Avoid thread allocations and context switches
  • Construct PLINQ parallel algorithms with exceptions in mind
  • Use the thread pool instead of creating threads
  • Use BackgroundWorker for cross-thread communication
  • Use the smallest possible scope for lock handles
  • Understand the pros and cons of dynamic programming
  • Make full use of the expression API
  • Minimize dynamic objects in public API

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