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16 Oct: Mac OS X Snow Leopard: The Missing Manual (Pogue Press)

The new Snow Leopard edition of David Pogue's book offers a wealth of detail on Apple's newest operating system. It has jargon-free explorations of the rewritten Finder, 64-bit mode, Microsoft Exchange compatibility, build-them-yourself Services and keyboard shortcuts, self-waking networked Macs, and more. It covers new Snow Leopard-only features of the Dock, the Mac OS X folder structure, and Mail.

<ASIN: 0596153287>

15 Oct: Agile Coaching (Pragmatic Bookshelf)

Agile software development has become an integral part of the software development landscape. But it's not easy to adopt agile and be successful at it. Rachel Davies and Liz Sedley provide a practical guide that de-mystifies agile practices and shows how to create strong agile teams. Packed with useful tips, this book gives you coaching tools that you can apply whether you are a project manager, a technical lead, or working in a software team.


14 Oct: The Book of Inkscape (No Starch Press)

Inkscape is a free, cross-platform, vector-based drawing tool similar to Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW. Dmitry Kirsanov draws on his experience using Inkscape for design and illustration as well as his extensive knowledge of Inkscape's features, several of which he developed to provide comprehensive coverage and creative advice.


13 Oct: Designing Social Interfaces (O'Reilly)

Designing sites that foster user interaction and community-building is a valuable skill for web developers and designers, but it's not that easy to understand the nuances of the social web. Help is at hand from Christian Crumlish and Erin Malone, creators of Yahoo!'s Design Pattern Library with more than 100 patterns, principles, and best practices.

<ASIN: 0596154925>

12 Oct: Professional Enterprise .NET (Wrox)

This book proovides a road map to the latest enterprise development methodologies for experienced Microsoft .NET developers. Comprehensive coverage of the tools and practices that professional .NET developers need to master in order to build flexible, testable, and extensible .NET applications using In addition to Visual Studio, it covers Spring.NET and nUnit, and applies to development with ASP.NET, C#, VB, Office (VBA), and database.


09 Oct: TOAD Handbook, 2nd Edition (Addison-Wesley Professional)

Definitive, completely up-to-date guide to the third-party Oracle utility newest version of TOAD. With step-by-step recipes, screen snapshots, and hands-on exercises, Bert Scalzo, Dan Hotka bring together everything developers and DBAs need to maximize their productivity with TOAD in both administrative and development tasks.


08 Oct: Learning Python (O'Reilly)

An easy-to-follow self-paced tutorial, based on author Mark Lutz's training course, each chapter contains a stand-alone lesson on a key component of the language plus a Test Your Knowledge section with practical exercises and quizzes for practicing new skills and testing understanding as you go. Lots of annotated examples and illustrations help you get started with Python 3.0.


07 Oct: Programming .NET Compact Framework 3.5 (Addison Wesley)

Second edition of this tutorial and reference by Paul Yao and David Durant. has been revised and updated for .NET Compact Framework 3.5, Visual Studio 2008, and Windows Mobile SmartPhones. It teaches you how to write killer applications for handheld wireless devices with small screens, limited memory, and finite battery life.


06 Oct: Oracle PL/SQL Programming(O'Reilly)

The fifth edition of the definitive reference on PL/SQL by Steven Feuerstein and Bill Pribyl covers language fundamentals, advanced coding techniques, and best practices for using Oracle's powerful procedural language. Updated for Oracle Database 11g Release 2, it reveals new PL/SQL features and provides extensive code samples, ranging from simple examples to complex and complete real applications, in the book and on the companion website.


05 Oct: Introduction to Machine Learning (Chapman & Hall)

In this undergraduate textbook Stephen Marsland presents machine learning from an algorithmic perspective suitable for computer science and engineering students covering neural networks, graphical models, reinforcement learning, evolutionary algorithms, dimensionality reduction methods, and the important area of optimization. The book describes algorithms with code examples backed up by a website that provides working implementations in Python.


02 Oct: Cloud Security and Privacy (O'Reilly)

This book goes through the steps you need to take to ensure web applications are secure and data is safe, and addresses regulatory issues such as audit and compliance. Ideal for IT personnel who need to deliver and maintain applications in the cloud, business managers looking to cut costs, service providers, and investors, this book provides detailed information on cloud computing security.

<ASIN: 0596802765>

01 Oct: Essential Silverlight 3 (Addison-Wesley)

This definitive reference and insider’s guide covers key features of the Silverlight 3 runtime and how to use them. Under the Hood sections explain why each feature was developed and how it works. These “insider” explanations often lead to concise, practical performance tips that can help you speed up your own Silverlight apps.

<ASIN: 0321554167>