September Week 1
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Saturday, 07 September 2013

What's the new connection between Nestle and Google? If you don't already know see the top news item in this week's digest. Scroll right to the bottom to find out what our team has been concerned with - Adblocking, Kolmogorov Complexity and logic the JavaScript way.



 August 29 - September 4



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Surprise Android 4.4 Is KitKat   Wednesday 04 September

While we've all been expecting the next version of Android to be called Key Lime Pie, Google and Nestle have negotiated a cross-promotional deal that gives it the name of a world-renowned chocolate bar - KitKat



Microsoft Drops Top Level Certifications At Short Notice   Wednesday 04 September

Microsoft has taken the decision to cease its Masters and Architect level training rotations for its advanced certifications and to retire the certification exams. It isn't unusual for Microsoft to evolve its certification program for IT professionals - but this decision has come out of the blue and is unwelcome news for the elite community concerned.



FSF - Free JavaScript Campaign - Too Far?   Tuesday 03 September

The FSF campaigns for free software and it often serves to point out some moral, ethical or simple commercial situation that we might otherwise miss, but its attention to non-free JavaScript seems well off target.



Google Showcases F1   Tuesday 03 September

Google has released details of the hybrid database appropriately named F1 that has replaced MySQL in the company’s Adwords platform.



Microsoft Buys Nokia   Tuesday 03 September

It isn't exactly a surprise that Microsoft has finally put up the cash to take control of Nokia, so turning itself from a software company into a services and devices company in one, perhaps not-so-easy, step. The real question is what does it mean for all us phone developers?



Back To MOOC - September's Computer Science Courses   Monday 02 September

September the traditional month for the college year to start. If you are in the mood for an educational challenge how about enrolling in a MOOC and joining thousands of others in an online course.



Microsoft's $19 Windows Phone Dev Center Fee To Continue   Monday 02 September

Microsoft has reduced the annual sign-up fee for its Windows Phone Developer Center from $99 to $19. It now looks as though this is a permanent change.



Bitcoin, BYOD and MOOC Added To Oxford Online Dictionary   Sunday 01 September

The latest update to the free online dictionary includes many words we've already been using on a day-to-day basis in our buzzworthy news coverage. Other terms such as phablet and emoji are also now included.



AI Helps With Social Awkwardness   Sunday 01 September

Researchers at MIT Media Lab are working on an automated personal-computer-based system designed to help people improve interpersonal and conversational skills.



Knitting Is Turing Complete?   Saturday 31 August

All sorts of "simple" activities can be viewed as computation - but knitting? Yes, knitting...



Robot Soccer From The Robot's Point Of View   Saturday 31 August

Robot soccer has reached the level where it is occasionally exciting as a spectator sport, but this video takes you into the head of a player - and it is even more interesting than the game.



Amazon Mobile Associates API - Sell Real Things In App   Friday 30 August

Amazon has added a way for developers in much of the United States to make money selling products from Amazon within their mobile apps.



MySQL Workbench 6.0 Released   Friday 30 August

Oracle has released a new version of MySQL Workbench with a revamped user interface and more database management support.



Intel's C++ Compiler For Android   Friday 30 August

Intel is working hard to try to find a place for its hardware in the smart phone/tablet arena. How can it make its own Atom processors as attractive as ARM? By making more software, of course.



Samsung Developer Conference - Where's Android?   Thursday 29 August

Registration has opened for Samsung's inaugural developer conference and details of the schedule are now available. The two-day conference in San Francisco costs $299 for all attendees.



What Happens To Couchbase Now?   Thursday 29 August

The announcement that open-source NoSQL database company Couchbase has raised $25 million in funding to continue development of the Couchbase database came at the same time as the news that the founder and original creator of Couchbase, Damien Katz, has left the company.


The Core

Javascript Jems - active logic, truthy and falsey   Wednesday 04 September

JavaScript takes an interesting view of logic, the way that it is implemented and what sorts of use you can put it to. Instead of just thinking about And and Or as logic tables you can think of them as variations on the procedural if..then..else.  So if you don't know about the active approach to logic - read on.


The Stone Tapes

Adblocking - Looking For A Solution   Friday 30 August

AdBlock aims to make the Internet a better place by fund-raising for its anti-ads ad campaign. But who is really hurt by web advertising, and who will suffer if AdBlock succeeds? It could be all of us.


Babbage's Bag

Kolmogorov Complexity   Monday 02 September

This xkcd cartoon provides an ideal excuse to explain Kolmogorov complexity. It is an interesting topic and one that gets right to the heart of programming of how programming relates to ideas like information and entropy.



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