January Week 4
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Saturday, 01 February 2014

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UK National Computer Museum Off-Limits At Bletchley Park   Wednesday 29 January

Visitors to UK World War II Codebreaking site Bletchley Park no longer get to see Colossus, the computer created to crack the codes and previously the highlight of a visit. This development reveals that relations between the Bletchley Park Trust and its tenant, the National Museum of Computing, have reached an all-time low.



Facebook Pays Out Record Reward   Wednesday 29 January

Facebook has paid out $33,500 for a security bug, its biggest ever reward. The record-breaking amount reflects how the bug was handled as well as its potential severity.



Google Removes CSS Regions From Blink - An Optimization Too Far   Wednesday 29 January

Google and Opera split from WebKit to create Blink, their own HTML rendering engine, and everyone was worried about the effect on standards. Now we have the first big example of a split in the form of CSS Regions support.



JQuery 1.11 and 2.1 Released   Tuesday 28 January

The jQuery team has just released new versions of both branches of jQuery. While they bring bug fixes and support for more web environments  there are no changes to the APIs.



A Private Windows 8 App Store   Tuesday 28 January

A new open source CodePlex project makes it possible to run your own Windows 8 App Store designed to allow you to privately publish enterprise apps. 



DevWeek Conference - Register Now   Tuesday 28 January

Details are now available for DevWeek 2014 which this year has a new venue in the heart of central London. With more speakers, sessions and topics than ever before it also lets delegates share their tickets. Register by Friday January 31st and save up to £200.



Google Buys Unproven AI Company   Monday 27 January

Google seems to be serious about getting a slice of the AI business. It has now bought the UK start-up DeepMind Technologies for a very large sum of money, even though the company hasn't actually done anything very much yet.



MemSQL Gets $35M In Funding   Monday 27 January

In-memory database specialists MemSQL, started by former Facebook engineers, has raised $35 million in venture capital funding.



NASA Latest Network Algorithm Challenge   Monday 27 January

The latest competition on topcoder is one in NASA's ongoing  Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN) challenge and has $3000 in prizes. So sharpen your complex problem-solving skills.



Which Languages Influenced Which?   Sunday 26 January

Wikipedia has a lot of data but seeing the patterns in it requires a little more work. Brendan Griffen has performed the necessary data mining and processing to give us hours of fun arguing about which language influenced which and how their creators relate to one another.



Mac Celebrates 30th Anniversary   Saturday 25 January

The Mac came onto the computer scene in 1984 - and revolutionized it.  Its 30th birthday is celebrated with a new video and we have two historical ones to mark the occasion.



SIGGRAPH University - Learn OpenGL   Friday 24 January

MOOCs are not the only courses. The most recent SIGGRAPH included some really good courses and now you can catch up by watching the videos.



MariaDB Enterprise   Friday 24 January

Companies using MariaDB now have the option of an enterprise configuration with MariaDB Server and Galera Cluster software.



Self 4.5 Mallard Released   Friday 24 January

If you haven't heard of Self you are missing out on one of the most influential of languages. So far never a star in its own right, this simple approach to objects gave rise to JavaScript and an improved Java JVM.



Hack The Arduino Robot Challenge   Thursday 23 January

There's a new addition to this year's RobotChallenge -  a new open source competition called:  â€Hack the Arduino Robot!”. Ten teams will be chosen to receive an Arduino Robot and present their projects at the end of March. But you need to be quick - the deadline for applications is January 26th.



E-Reading On The Rise   Thursday 23 January

The popularity of e-books is growing, as is the ownership of tablets and e-readers, but few readers have completely replaced print books by electronic versions.


Professional Programmer

SharePoint Book Choice   Thursday 23 January

SharePoint continues to grow in importance and popularity, and more developers need to learn how to work with it. One difficulty with this is having to learn the SharePoint infrastructure as the first step, as this is by no means trivial, and changes between the different versions. To make this selection of books to help you, we’ve looked through the best of those we’ve reviewed for both SharePoint 2010 and 2013.



The Story Of The Apple Macintosh   Tuesday 28 January

If you think of Apple, you probably think of the iPhone or iPad and perhaps even the MacBook Air, but the name Mac was once much more important to Apple. The Mac was a groundbreaking computer that introduced the world to the GUI and many things we now take for granted.


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