February Week 3
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Saturday, 22 February 2014

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IP2 February 13-19, 2014



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JavaScript 1K 2014 Competition Underway   Wednesday 19 February

Can you write an impressive JavaScript demo in no more more than 1024 bytes? That's still the main challenge of the JS1K Javascript golfing competition, but this year there are two experimental compos added to the line up.




Android-x86 Makes It To KitKat   Wednesday 19 February

Android-x86 is an open source project to bring the Android operating system to fairly standard x86 hardware like desktop PCs and laptops. The latest release is right up to date with KitKat.




Microsoft Launches Self-Service BI   Wednesday 19 February

Power BI for Office 365, Microsoft’s self-service business intelligence solution designed “for everyone” is now generally available.




Tizen - First Handset Expected Soon   Tuesday 18 February

The mobile operating system Tizen has been around for two and a half years or more, but until now there hasn't been a smartphone for it to run on. News has recently leaked that Samsung is to unveil the first ever Tizen phone at next week's MWC in Barcelona.




Google Cloud SQL Open For Business   Tuesday 18 February

Google’s Cloud SQL service is now generally available, offering an alternative to Amazon’s Relational Database Service.




A Mathematical Proof Too Long To Check - The Erdos Discrepancy Conjecture   Tuesday 18 February

We have surely got over the shock of computers being involved in mathematical proofs? It seems not, but in this case the proof occupies a 13GByte file - bigger than the whole of Wikipedia, so perhaps we have crossed a line.




Intel Announces Beta Data Platform   Monday 17 February

Intel has launched Data Platform, a suite of cloud-based products and services designed for developing BI systems.




Bitcore For Developing Bitcoin Apps   Monday 17 February

Bitpay has launched Bitcore, a native interface to the Bitcoin network that provides the core functionality needed to develop apps for bitcoin.




Windows 8 Doing Badly, Windows 7 Gets Extension   Monday 17 February

With the end of XP support only 7 weeks away Microsoft has extended Windows 7 sales. As for Windows 8, it has reached another milestone - 200 million licences have been sold.




Science of the Winter Olympic Games: Olympic Movement and Robotic Design   Sunday 16 February

Yes you read the title correctly and this is an attempt to cash in on the current interest in the Winter Olympics, but it can be forgiven. The videos of both athletes and robots are amazing.




Meet Justina Your Next Household Help   Saturday 15 February

It is still just a fantasy, but the robot who helps around the house is getting closer. Justina is a three-year-old robot and is getting more sophisticated by the day.




Google Maps API for Android Updated   Friday 14 February

The latest version of the Google Maps API for Android  now comes with marker clustering and heatmaps. But if you've not come across the API before there are other features worth knowing about.




Chrome V8 JavaScript - Ever Faster   Friday 14 February

JavaScript is having so much attention applied to it that it seems to get faster every day. The latest speedup is from Google's V8 JavaScript engine.




AWS Adds Hosted R   Friday 14 February

Amazon Web Services has introduced the AWS Revolution R service, providing a hosted version of the R programming language for data analysis projects.




Fear And Loathing In The App Store 2 - Apple Rejects App For Being Too Simple   Thursday 13 February

Perhaps it is just the time of year, or perhaps it is a news trend but Apple have proved once again that the App Store isn't quite paradise. The latest reason for rejection is being too simple.




iOS Best For Making Money From Apps   Thursday 13 February

Sixty percent of mobile developers are below the "app poverty line" However the proportion varies widely by platform as revealed by the latest State of the Developer Nation report with iOS being the one that is the most lucrative.



The Core

Getting Started With .NET IL   Tuesday 18 February

Do you need to understand IL to write good .NET code? Possibly not, but it makes no sense not to understand IL when it's so easy. Get started with Intermediate Language - now.




Introducing Android Fragments   Thursday 13 February

Fragments are components of the Android UI. For most beginners, and even more experienced devs, they are a mystifying. However they are very useful and well worth getting to understand. Here we find out exactly what Fragments are all about. While this article is part of our ongoing Android Adventures series about using Android Studio, it applies whatever development environment you are using.  



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