March Week 4
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Saturday, 29 March 2014

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March 20 - 26, 2014


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More Ties Than We Thought Or Ties Of The Matrix   Wednesday 26 March

The Matrix Reloaded started something when "The Merovingian" wore a number of very flashy ties. The problem was that we thought we knew how many ways you can tie a tie, but the enumeration didn't include the Matrix way of doing it. Now we know how many knots there are and it's all thanks to language theory.



Facebook Buys Oculus VR   Wednesday 26 March

Oculus VR, which has a virtual reality headset under development, has been snapped up by Facebook in a deal valued at $2 billion. What does this mean for the future of VR?



New Relic's Analytics APIs   Wednesday 26 March

A new real-time analytics platform,Insights, which collects application data and customer intelligence has been released as a beta by New Relic. 



Brendan Eich New CEO Of Mozilla   Tuesday 25 March

Brendan Eich, the inventor of JavaScript and one of the co-founders of Mozilla has been named as its new Chief Executive Officer.



Dual Screen Android App Challenge   Tuesday 25 March

There's $100K in prize money for Android apps that display different content on an Android phone and on a connected display such as an HDTV.



Computer Science Enrollments On The Up   Tuesday 25 March

Enrollment for Computer Science bachelor's degree programs in the U.S. jumped by over twenty percent last year. Is the message that a CS degree leads to a rewarding career getting through?



MozDef - Mozilla's Self Defence Kit   Monday 24 March

Mozilla is working on a defense platform to automate the handling of security incidents, and to enable the use of incident handlers. Why not create tools for defence - the attackers have plenty!?



Google Refuses DARPA Money But Still In Competition   Monday 24 March

When Google bought the winner of the DARPA Robot Challenge the rumour was that it would withdraw the robot from further competition rather than accept money for the project from the military. Now we seem to have a compromise solution.



Python 3.4 Is Now Available With New Features   Monday 24 March

Python 3.4 doesn't have any new syntax features but it does have  new and improved library modules, including one for a standard implementation of enumeration types.



Robot TED Talk - The New Turing Test?   Sunday 23 March

As if we didn't have enough of a distraction in the form of the Loebner prize, the Turing Test turned into a circus. Now we have AI Xprize for a robot that can give a TED talk that gets a standing ovation...



Larry Page - Where Is Google And Where Is It Going?   Saturday 22 March

An "off-the-program" conversation at lat week's TED  2014 Conference in Vancouver between Charlie Rose and Larry Page reveals some of what is on the mind of Google's Founder and CEO.



Facebook Introduces Hack, A Better PHP   Friday 21 March

Facebook is almost certainly the biggest site running on PHP and now it has introduced its own version of the language and appropriately enough it's called Hack.



DirectX 12 The Details - Or Not   Friday 21 March

As promised Microsoft explained what they had planed for DirectX 12 at this years GDC but what does it all mean for the average DirectX programmer? 



Mozilla Enhances Browser-Based Gaming   Friday 21 March

Mozilla  has partnered with Unity Technologies and with Epic Games in order to provide games devs with facilities for delivering superior performance and near-native speeds in Firefox.



Google Invites Vancouver To Paint the Sky   Thursday 20 March

The Vancouver waterfront has a new attraction - an interactive crowd-controlled visual artwork on a textile sculpture of monumental scale created for TED's 30th anniversary.



UK Government Backs Alan Turing Institute For Big Data   Thursday 20 March

The UK Government appears to be embracing Big Data and is funding a new Data Science Institute that will be named in honor of Alan Turing.


Professional Programmer

Why The Internet Of Things Has A Problem   Thursday 20 March

The Internet of Things is an exciting and sometimes worrying idea, but the problem isn't the technology for making it all happen. There's just so much of it... in fact that really is the problem.


The Core

Not so complex numbers in C#   Tuesday 25 March

Did you know that .NET supports complex numbers? The Complex struct is easy to use and just needs a little extra publicity so that we all remember it's there!



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