April Week 2
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Saturday, 19 April 2014

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IP2 April 10 - 16, 2014


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Power To The Developer   Wednesday 16 April

A new study of developers in the US shows that far from being nerdy and misunderstood underlings in business organizations, developers are emerging as a new power class.



Windows Dev Center Open For Universal Apps   Wednesday 16 April

Windows Phone Dev Center is now open for publishing "universal apps". Sounds impressive - what does it deliver?



Kivy App Contest 2014   Wednesday 16 April

The theme for the second application development contest organized by Kivy has been announced and you can now have a month in which to code and submit your entries.



Python Tools for Visual Studio 2.1 Beta   Tuesday 15 April

Microsoft is improving the support for Python in Visual Studio with the release of Python Tools for VS 2.1 beta.



New Chrome Features   Tuesday 15 April

Chrome 34 has been released and Chrome 35 is available in beta. What do these new releases have on offer for devs?



Windows 8.1 No Longer Supported   Tuesday 15 April

Microsoft has announced that the Windows 8.1 Update 1 that was released on April 8th is being treated as a "new servicing/support baseline". What does this mean?



PredictionIO - The Easy Recommendation Engine   Monday 14 April

One of the most common applications of AI or advanced stats, depending on how you look at it, is the recommendation engine. All too often the first impulse is to build your own - but it's tough and there is a ready made solution in the form of PredictionIO. 



Microsoft Rolls Out New App Pricing   Monday 14 April

Without prior notice to developers who have apps on sale there, Microsoft has introduced a new pricing structure for the Windows Store noting that this "may impact" your app pricing.



Python 2.7 To Be Maintained Until 2020   Monday 14 April

The End of Life date of Python 2.7 has been extended by 5 years to 2020 to accommodate users who can't yet migrate to the Python 3. Although some Pythonistas are relieved by this news, others are infuriated because it could slow the adoption of Python 3.



NASA Contributes Mission to Kerbal Space Program   Sunday 13 April

NASA has already delivered an early version of its Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) designed to protect a planet from catastrophic impacts However, the planet being protected isn't Earth - ARM has been developed initially for Kerbin.



Raspberry Pi Goes Commercial   Saturday 12 April

There is a new Raspberry Pi in town, the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, but in principle it isn't that different from the old one.  What is going on?



MongoDB 2.6 Released   Friday 11 April

The biggest release ever of MongoDB has improvements to aggregation, text-search integration, query-engine improvements, a new write-operation protocol, and security enhancements.



User Feedback On .NET   Friday 11 April

Microsoft does seem to be trying to bring .NET back, if not into the lime-light at least out of the darkness. A new report on user feedback makes interesting reading and reveals that Microsoft is listening - but only if you are saying what it wants to hear.



Google Dart SDK 1.3 Gives Faster Async   Thursday 10 April

An updated version of the Google Dart SDK brings performance of the Dart VM to that of Node.js. It is claimed new version is twice as fast as its predecessor for asynchronous Dart code combined with server-side I/O operations.



HeartBleed - The Programmers View   Thursday 10 April

You've heard about the HeartBleed vulnerability in OpenSSL, you probably have had to deal with its consequences - but perhaps you don't know just how old fashioned a bug it is. 



MariaDB 10 Available   Thursday 10 April

The stable version of MariaDB 10 has been released with better performance and new features. One major change is support for data in non-relational databases courtesy of the new Connect engine.


Professional Programmer

C# Guru - An Interview With Eric Lippert   Thursday 10 April

Eric Lippert's name is synonymous with C#. Having been Principal Developer at Microsoft on the C# compiler team and a member of the C# language design team he now works on C# analysis at Coverity.


The Core

.NET Regular Expressions in depth   Tuesday 15 April

If you think regular expressions are trivial and boring you've not seen the whole picture. Here we reveal that in .NET they are amazing powerful and not to be missed.


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