April Week 4
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Saturday, 03 May 2014

This week we looked at how Google's Self-Driving Cars are mastering city road conditions and discussed how Heartbleed makes the case for managed code. And that's just a taster. Here's the full list of book reviews, articles and news for April 24-30.



This Week's Book Reviews



Software Design & Development Conference   Wednesday 30 April

An event that brings together over twenty of the world's foremost experts on software design and development takes place in London next month. Save up to £100 by booking your place this week.



Fear And Loathing In The App Store 4 - When Apps Vanish   Wednesday 30 April

The control that the owners of the app stores exercise is absolute, but this story doesn't even relate to the app or its quality but to the app's description. 



dotMemory profiler for .NET   Wednesday 30 April

A memory profiler for .NET has been released by JetBrains, with tools to let you view memory usage data from multiple angles.



Google's Self-Driving Cars Tackle Urban Traffic Hazards   Tuesday 29 April

A new video from Google shows how its self-driving cars are learning to cope with all the problems of city driving - intersections, pedestrians, cyclists, blockages caused by road repair works or large vehicles. Is Google near to its goal of a fully autonomous vehicle?



Search For Twin Prime Proof Slows   Tuesday 29 April

Back in early 2013 a breakthrough result established that there were infinitely many pairs of primes that are less than 70 million apart. Yes 70 million! The next step was a really 21st century response - a crowd sourced effort to push the 70 million gap all the way down to two. 



No Bug Fixes In Redis 2.8.9   Tuesday 29 April

An updated version of Redis has been released with new features including a new data structure and extra commands for sorted data sets.



IEEE Honors Gary Kildall With Plaque   Monday 28 April

A plaque commemorating the birth of the PC Operating System 40 years ago outside the building that formerly housed Gary Kildall's Digital Research office, was unveiled at a ceremony held on April 25, 2014.



Internet Explorer Vulnerability Poses Threat Of Remote Code Execution   Monday 28 April

A flaw in all current versions of Internet Explorer, due to legacy ActiveX support,  that is currently being targeted has the potential for an attacker to take control of your computer. 



Bugzilla@Mozilla Reaches Millionth Bug   Monday 28 April

It's a milestone worth noting - Mozilla's installation of the bug tracking software Buzilla has reached bug number 1,000,000.



Not A Drone Army But a Drone Orchestra   Sunday 27 April

If you think you have seen drones play musical instruments you ain't seen nothing yet. The strange world of drone rock just got moved up a level. 



President Obama Impressed By ASIMO   Saturday 26 April

During his state visit to Japan, President Obama interacted with Honda's humanoid robot ASIMO at Tokyo's Miraikan museum, which showcases Japanese emerging science and innovation.



GaussianFace Recognizes Faces Better Than Humans   Friday 25 April

For the first time a face recognition program outperforms humans at saying if two photos are of the same person. 



PhoneGap Developer App Brings A New Way To Work   Friday 25 April

An easier way to test PhoneGap mobile apps has been launched in the form of a shell that can host an app on the fly. 



Mozilla Offers $10K For Critical Flaws In New Certificate Verification Scheme   Friday 25 April

Mozilla is introducing a new certificate verification library in Firefox 31. Spurred on by the Heartbleed fiasco it wants to ensure that the code bug-free before it is released in July and has launched a special $10,000 bug bounty program.



Intercooler.js Declarative Ajax   Thursday 24 April

How can you make a dynamic client without writing a line of client side JavaScript? Easy - use intercooler.js to implement declarative Ajax. 



Business Apps - An Untapped Developer Opportunity   Thursday 24 April

VisionMobile has identified business and productivity apps as a growth area for developers, forecasting that the market for such apps will more than double in the next three years.



Embarcadero RAD Studio XE6   Thursday 24 April

The latest version of RAD Studio has more support for Android, and is designed to give developers a way to extend desktop apps to mobile and wearable devices.


Professional Programmer

Heartbleed Makes The Case For Managed Code   Thursday 24 April

Heartbleed has made a lot of headlines because of the trouble and cost it caused and is perhaps still causing. What we need to do is to learn the lessons it teaches. The message is very clear - use managed code. 



Kemeny & Kurtz - The Invention Of BASIC   Tuesday 29 April

In May 2014 it is 50 years since the invention of the BASIC language and of time sharing. Is there another language that can claim to have done more to change the way we use computers? You may not like it, but it was the language that brought computing to the masses. 




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