May Week 1
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Saturday, 10 May 2014

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May 1-7, 2014


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Theseus - Always-On Programming Visualizations   Wednesday 07 May

The big problem with code is that it doesn't do anything when you are writing it. You only get to see its more dynamic side when you run it and by then it could be too late. Theseus is an attempt to show you what your JavaScript code is doing as you create it. 



SDD 2014 Keeps Devs Up To Date   Wednesday 07 May

From May 19- 23 developers will gather in the Barbican Centre, London for the inaugural SDD Conference. Whether you are a web developer, a .NET developer, or a mobile developer (or perhaps all three), it is a chance to "learn from the best".



Mozilla Opens Feedback Channels   Wednesday 07 May

It not a new thing for Mozilla to want feedback from developers. What is new its Feedback channels for developers, the first of which is Firefox Developers Tools ideas, using the UserVoice service.



Oracle Offers Raspberry Pi MOOC   Tuesday 06 May

Oracle is running a course that introduces Java developers to Java ME Embedded devices and the Internet of Things. For this MOOC you don't just listen and answer quiz questions. You build a project and for this you'll need a Raspberry Pi and a kit of parts.



Cryptol Version 2 Released   Tuesday 06 May

An open source version of Cryptol has been released. The language is designed specifically for cryptography, and while this is the first public version, the language has been under development and in use for almost 15 years.



Java ME 8 Released With A Big Slice Of Raspberry Pi   Monday 05 May

Java ME should have taken the embedded world by storm, after all that's what Java was originally intended to do. With the release of Java ME 8 and its support for Raspberry Pi, it may have its best second chance.



The Firefox 29 Advantage   Monday 05 May

Firefox 29 has been released with a new user interface and lots of the web tools that have been in the beta channel for some time.



Windows XP Loses Share Windows 8.1 Gains   Monday 05 May

With XP support having ended during April it was to be expected that its usage would start to decline. It has ... but only by 1.5%. Windows 8.1 has gained ground ... but only by 1%.



New Use Case For Google Project Tango   Sunday 04 May

Google's is collaborating with NASA on a project that will takes its Project Tango smartphones into space to go aboard the International Space Station. This is taking developers into an unfamiliar environment - zero gravity.



Magnetic Robots Move Amazingly Fast   Saturday 03 May

You may have seen swarms of robots in action before but this is something new. SRI has an army of tiny insect sized robots that zip about at high speed. Is this the future of micro manufacturing? See the video.



Facebook Gets Generous With Developers   Friday 02 May

Facebook will give you free services and support worth $30K if you build an app. The financial incentive, announced at F8 2014, comes in the form of tools and services from Facebook and 11 other companies. The opportunity is available to any developer worldwide with a public iOS or Android app.



IFTTT for Android   Friday 02 May

IFTTT (If This Then That) has released an app for Android devices that can be used to connect services together to create a super service.



Happy 50th Birthday Basic - Try QuickVB To Celebrate   Thursday 01 May

On May 1,1964 the first BASIC program ran. The rest, as they say, is history/ To celebrate that history lots of events are remembering the language.



Mathematician Rated As Best Job   Thursday 01 May

Using a range of factors related to working conditions and job prospects as well as to income levels, Mathematician has been ranked as the Best Job in the USA for 2014, the position occupied by Software Engineer in 2011 and 2012. What accounts for this apparent change in the jobs landscape?



Linus Torvalds Receives IEEE Computer Pioneer Award   Thursday 01 May

Linus Torvalds, the principal force behind development of Linux is the 2014 recipient of the IEEE Computer Society's Computer Pioneer Award


The Core

KML in Google Maps and Earth   Tuesday 06 May

KML is the way to code geographic data so that it can be displayed on a map. In this article we look at how KML works, how to use it in both Google Maps and Google Earth, and how to work with it in code.



Just JavaScript - The Function Object   Thursday 01 May

In the second chapter of our radical look at JavaScript - Just JavaScript - we meet the most important object of all - the Function object. What really matters is that you don't think that it is just a function. In JavaScript there are no functions - only Function objects. 




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