July Week 1
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Saturday, 12 July 2014

With all the summer distractions, it's hard to keep focused on the news feeds. So, let I Programmer do it for you and simply consult our weekly digest of news, book reviews and articles to keep you up to speed. This one covers July 3 - 9.


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This Week's Book Reviews



Python Becomes Most Popular CS Teaching Language   Wednesday 09 July

Python is now used by eight of the top 10 US computer science departments in their introductory courses at undergraduate level. This trend is also reflected in the preponderance of MOOCs that are teaching Python to beginners.



Inbox - An API To Modernize Email   Wednesday 09 July

You might think that there enough mail APIs already, but Inbox has another one for you and its approach to creating a universal email system is clever.



Free Windows On Devices Development System   Wednesday 09 July

One of Microsoft's new moves to make inroads into territories it previously missed out on is Windows On Devices. Now you can sign up and possible get a free Galileo development board.



Oracle Drops Java Support For XP   Tuesday 08 July

The next versions of the Jave runtime which will ship in the middle of July will not run on Windows XP. How will this impact developers?



Eclipse Community Survey 2014   Tuesday 08 July

This year's survey of Eclipse developers shows they have changed their loyalties as regards the code management system they use over the past four years.



RLint: Reformatting R Code to Follow the Google Style Guide   Tuesday 08 July

Google Research has shown off software that will check and reformat R code to conform to the Google R Style Guide.



Greasemonkey 2.0 Released   Monday 07 July

A new version of the Greasemonkey Firefox extension has been released.



ConvNetJS - Deep Learning In The Browser   Monday 07 July

ConvNetJS brings deep neural networks to your browser. It's easy to use and fast without using a GPU, which means it works almost anywhere. 



Google Closing Packaged Apps   Monday 07 July

Packaged apps were Google's first attempt at creating apps for Chrome. Now they are about to be phased out in favor of Chrome Apps.



NAO Evolves   Sunday 06 July

Given all the fuss over the launch of Pepper - the emotional robot - we almost missed the fact that there was a new NAO - NAO Evolution. 



DevArt Exhibition Now Open   Saturday 05 July

Google's DevArt is now on show at London's Barbican Centre as part of  Digital Revolution, the biggest exploration of digital creativity ever staged in the UK.



ChromeCast Creates Game Opportunities   Friday 04 July

Google's Chromecast is a strange, and useful, piece of hardware, but it can do more than stream videos. With a little ingenuity, it can be used to create motion sensor based games that rival the Wii. 



Gradle 2.0 Released   Friday 04 July

A new version of project automation software Gradle has been released.



RoboVM Brings Java To iOS   Thursday 03 July

RoboVM just reached 0.0.14 and it is starting to look like a very viable way of running Java on iOS.



Ecma Approves Dart   Thursday 03 July

Ecma, the international technology standards body, has approved the first edition of the Dart Programming Language Specification.


Professional Programmer

The Real Reason To Learn To Program - The Power   Thursday 03 July

There has been a lot of discussion of why people should learn to code, or more accurately program. Yes, it is good for them because it teaches how to think and how to plan. But the real reason for learning to program is known all to well to all us programmers but we try hard not to mention it in such discussions - POWER!



Getting Started with Google Earth   Tuesday 08 July

Google Earth is more capable than Google Maps, but to use it you have to download a plug-in and learn a new API. This article explains that it's not so difficult and there are some easy to understand principles behind what looks like a complex API.





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