September Week 1
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Saturday, 06 September 2014

Do you have better things to do than scour the internet for news? No worries -  if you need to know what's important for the developer, IProgrammer Weekly puts the unmissable bits together in a handy digest. This one covers August 28 - September 3.


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Back To School - September CS MOOCs   Wednesday 03 September

If September puts you in the mood for an educational challenge consider joining one of the MOOCs that start this month.



Fear And Loathing In the App Store 6 - Apple's Reasons For Rejection   Wednesday 03 September

Apple doesn't give much information on how it performs its app evaluation, or even on the results of said evaluations. Mostly all you get is a decision with a rough idea of what the problem is. 



Duetto Morphs To Cheerp   Wednesday 03 September

A C/C++ compiler for the Web has been released. It brings the advantage of bi-directional interoperability between C or C++ code and JavaScript code.



Self-Running Apps With JXCore   Tuesday 02 September

The JXCore fork of Node.js has added the option for you to compile your Node.js apps into self-running apps.



New Version of OpenCV in Alpha   Tuesday 02 September

The OpenCV team has announced OpenCV 3.x. Changes include a move to core plus plugins architecture, a lot of new functionality and optimizations that deliver a substantial speedup.



Yahoo drops YUI   Tuesday 02 September

Yahoo has stopped work on its Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) project because of the rise of technologies such as Node.js.



Sniff - A Language for Arduino and Pi   Monday 01 September

Sniff, a language that is based on Scratch in which you write regular text-based code rather than dragging and dropping blocks to create programs, has reached Beta 8.



China Plans To Oust Windows   Monday 01 September

China is making progress with its own operating system designed to replace Windows, Android and iOS. Should we be worried? 



Google's Self Driving Cars - Not So Smart?   Sunday 31 August

Are Google's self driving cars as advanced as we think they are? And if they aren't, do you trust them to do the right thing?



Spheree The 3D Snow Globe Breakthrough   Saturday 30 August

This approach to 3D projection could be the technology we have been waiting for. Multiple pico-projectors are used to create a seamless 3D experience. 



eGenix PyRun 2.0.1 Released   Friday 29 August

A new release of PyRun, the open source, one-file, no installation version of Python. has just been released by eGenix.



Visual Studio Online For Free   Friday 29 August

If your team is using Visual Studio Online, which is free for up to five users, any ‘occasional’ contributors will be able to access the online project development environment without paying.



PHP 5.6.0. Released   Friday 29 August

PHP 5.6 brings with it  new and improved features including an interactive debugger, and has some backward incompatible changes. 



Google Frees Up More Patents   Thursday 28 August

Google has added 152 patents to the list of ones you can copy in your own open-source version and are covered by its OPN Pledge, whereby Google won't sue unless it is sued first.



Ruby and R for Enigma   Thursday 28 August

Two client libraries have been written for accessing the Enigma API which extends the ability to access data, metadate and stats on the government datasets held by Enigma.



LiquidFun V1.1 Runs In A Browser   Thursday 28 August

We reported on Google's LiquidFun V1 earlier in the year as, as much fun as you can have without actual liquids getting involved. Now we have LiquidFun V1.1 and you can have as much fun in a browser.


The Core

XML in C# - Using XElement   Tuesday 02 September

.NET has some really easy-to-use facilities for creating and editing XML. Many of these facilities were introduced to make Linq to XML work better, but you can make use of them in more general situations.






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