September Week 4
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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Do you have better things to do than scour the internet for news? No worries -  if you need to know what's important for the developer, IProgrammer Weekly puts the unmissable bits together in a handy digest. This one covers September 18-24.

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Support For Asm.js Growing?   Wednesday 24 September

Asm.js is a subset of JavaScript designed to be the assembly language of the web and now it seems that support for this technology is growing beyond Mozilla.



Block H and Colossus Revisited In Virtual Reality   Wednesday 24 September

Block H at Bletchley Park, built in September 1994 specifically to house the Colossus computers, was the world's first purpose built computer centre. To mark its 70th anniversary Colossus veterans were treated to a virtual reality experience that took them back to the 1940s.



Microsoft Lowers Barrier To Windows Stores   Wednesday 24 September

Microsoft recently launched a new Dev Center Benefits program and now has taken the further welcome step of eliminating annual fees. You still have to pay to register at the Dev Center but this is now a one-off payment for lifetime access.



Mozilla Labs Closed And Nobody Noticed - UPDATE Mozilla Responds   Tuesday 23 September

A blog post by Ian Bickling conveyed the news that mozilla Labs has closed. A big and disturbing event for web development. But this happened months ago and this is the first we had heard about it.



Fear And Loathing In the App Store 7 - Google Wants Everyone To Know Where You Live   Tuesday 23 September

For a company that is well known for not letting people get in touch, Google's latest condition for entry, or staying, in its app store is ironic. It wants every developer to have their address on display in Google Play.



Transducers Come To Clojure and Javascript   Monday 22 September

Two new libraries have been released adding transducers to Clojure and to JavaScript



Time To Enter The Intel RealSense App Challenge   Monday 22 September

With just days to go until October 1st, there is still time to come up with an idea for using the new Intel RealSense technology that could win you $50,000.



PiBot - Not Quite The Pilot You Were Expecting   Sunday 21 September

Take a small humanoid robot, teach it the rules of flying and you have an auto-pilot that can pilot any plane with standard controls. 



Tweet-a-Program   Saturday 20 September

Wolfram has invented a very nice publicity stunt. All you have to do is create a program in no more than 140 characters and tweet it to see it run.



Pyston 0.2 Python Compiler   Friday 19 September

There's a new release of Pyston, the high-performance Python implementation developed by cloud storage provider Dropbox.



Microsoft Research Silicon Valley Axed   Friday 19 September

As part of its program of layoffs, Microsoft is closing its Silicon Valley Research Labs with the loss of 50 jobs. The Trustworthy Computing Group is another victim of the cuts.



Microsoft's WinJS - New Cross-Platform Library   Friday 19 September

WinJS was Microsoft's JavaScript framework for the creation of "Metro" or WinRT apps. Recently it was open sourced and now, with the release of version 3.0, it has escaped the confines of WinRT to become a multi-platform framework.



Qt's new home   Thursday 18 September

Digia has announced the name of the new company that will be the home of the Qt cross- application framework.



Imagine Cup 2015 Kicks Off With Code Hunt   Thursday 18 September

The Imagine Cup 2015 season is officially underway and the first of a series of new online coding contests takes place on September 20th.



Mathematica Online Launched   Thursday 18 September

Wolfram has just launched Mathematica Online and it provides an easy way to do difficult math.


The Core

A Programmer's Guide to Canvas   Tuesday 23 September

The HTML5 canvas object provides bitmap graphics to JavaScript, For a programmer's viewpoint of how it all works read on.



Javascript data structures - the binary tree   Thursday 18 September

Binary trees in JavaScript? Easy with the right storage mapping function. Find out how to code a binary tree right up to a depth first traversal.




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