October Week 2
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Saturday, 18 October 2014

I Programmer reports news of interest to developers. We cover new releases of languages and tools and a lot more besides. Sometimes we are controversial and we always welcome your comments. This round-up covers October 9-15.

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This Week's Book Reviews


  • Doing Data Science  (O'Reilly)
    Reviewed by Kay Ewbank who gave it a rating of  5, the top possible rating, concluding:
    If you’re at all interested in big data, you’ll learn a lot just from the case studies and discussions by the big data practitioners who’ve contributed. If you know some stats and R, you can get another big chunk of usefulness by looking at the exercises, examples and code, but even if you glaze over a bit in those parts, it’s still a fascinating read.  

  • Windows Runtime via C# (Microsoft Press)
    Awarding a it rating of 4 Ian Elliot advised:
    Read this book if you want a technical guide to WinRT that supplies background material and focuses on specific subsystems.


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Video Review

  • Git and GitHub LiveLessons (Addison-Weley)
    ikos Vaggalis was highly impressed with this set of videos. Giving it the top possible rating of 5 he concluded:
    I could, metaphorically speaking, say that wrapping the first-rate plot (content) with the actor's (presenter's) outstanding performance, is a box office hit in the making...



Poodle Is A Very Different Sort Of Security Breach   Wednesday 15 October

It seems that security problems come along, like buses, in clumps. The latest is cutely called POODLE but, unlike Heartbleed and Shellshock, this is of a very different nature.



SalesForce Wave   Wednesday 15 October

Announced at this year's Dreamforce, Wave is Salesforce’s first business intelligence and data analytics package.



Language Tooling Enhancements in Orion 7   Wednesday 15 October

Expected to be released in late October 2014, Orion 7 has improvements in its language tooling, especially for JavaScript development.  



Delve and Office Graph at SharePoint Connect   Tuesday 14 October

 Following the release of Delve for Office 365, this year’s SharePoint Connect conference has added a session on building solutions with Office Graph. You can also earn CPD certification for attending the conference or one of its workshops.



Android L 64bit Emulator Available   Tuesday 14 October

Google has released a 64-bit emulator image for the forthcoming Android L - but only for the Intel x86  chip. Where is ARM 64-bit?



Visual Studio 14 Another Preview   Monday 13 October

CTP 4 for the forthcoming Visual Studio 14 is now available and so is the TypeScript 1.1 CTP.



The Astonishing Rise Of Dart   Monday 13 October

If the signs are to be believed Dart, Google's JavaScript replacement is shooting up the popularity stakes. Should Dart be the next language you learn?



Google Grants For Computer Science Education   Monday 13 October

Google is offering new grants in the hope of improving completion rates for computer science degrees.



Imitation Game Opens London Film Festival   Sunday 12 October

The film about Alan Turing, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the mathematician who used his genius as a code-breaker during World War II, had a red carpet premiere in London this week.



RomoCart Brings A Race Track To Your Living Room   Saturday 11 October

This is a small but innovative project that demonstrates what you can do if you think outside the box - or outside the screen. Is it AR, VR or just reality?



Android Copyright Battle Goes To Supreme Court   Friday 10 October

Google has filed a petition asking the US Supreme Court to reverse an appeals court ruling that said Oracle's Java API's were protected by copyright.



Xamarin Platform Previews   Friday 10 October

Several new features for the Xamarin platform, including an improved Android emulator and a real time monitoring system, have been introduced at Xamarin Evolve 2014



Hour of Code Aims to Reach 100 Million Worldwide   Thursday 09 October

After its successful debut last year, in which the inaugural Hour of Code reached well over its initial target of 10 Million students, Code.org has embarked on a crowdfunding campaign to raise $5 million in order to introduce coding to 100 Million this December.



Amazon Robot Picking Challenge 2015   Thursday 09 October

Amazon has lots and lots of warehouses, sorry fulfilment centers, all over the world and they employ lots of humans to find the stuff you buy. The Amazon Picking Challenge is about getting robots to do the same job.



Node-RED Another Way To The IoT   Wednesday 08 October

It seems every one is trying to get on top of the IoT with some software that will rule the world - more or less literally in this case. Now IBM has an open source tool based on node.js cleverly called Node-RED.



Ada Lovelace, The First Programmer   Tuesday 14 October

Ada, Countess of Lovelace was born almost 200 years ago but her name lives on. In the 1970s the Ada language was named in recognition of her status as the first computer programmer and in  2009 Ada Lovelace Day was inaugurated to celebrate the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths.  For Ada Lovelace Day 2014, we tell the story of how she worked with Charles Babbage on his Analytical Engine.





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