November Week 1
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Saturday, 08 November 2014

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Neural Turing Machines Learn Their Algorithms   Wednesday 05 November

Another breakthrough at Google DeepMind? A neural network form of the Turing machine architecture is proposed and demonstrated, and it does seem to learn its algorithms.



AngularJS 2.0 Is Radically Different   Wednesday 05 November

The AngularJS team has given a view of the future of the framework and many programmers are finding it unacceptable. An almost complete break with the past means that many are working on projects that use an about to be obsolete framework with no upgrade path.



IE Remote Runs On Anything   Wednesday 05 November

This is another strange and difficult to interpret announcement. Microsoft is making the latest IE available as a Remote App hosted on Azure. This makes it possible for you to test your website/app in IE even if the machine you are working on doesn't run IE.



Azure Plugin For Android Studio And IntelliJ   Tuesday 04 November

Google owns Android, but that doesn't stop Microsoft from trying to get Android apps to make use of Azure and Office 365. Does the new plugin make a Microsoft-flavoured Lollipop any more likely?



Windows XP Starts To Bow Out   Tuesday 04 November

After stubbornly refusing to lose market share, Widows XP showed a sharp decline during October while Windows 8.1 experienced a marked increase.



Immutable No Longer As Lazy   Tuesday 04 November

Immutable is intended to bring persistent data collections to Javascript. Pioneered by Facebook, it is open source and has just reached version 3.0.0. 



Mozilla To Release Browser For Programmers   Monday 03 November

There are two things about Mozilla's announcement that are out of the ordinary. The first is that it is trailing a release of a new browser on November 10th and the second is that the new browser is targeting programmers.



PyCharm Educational Edition   Monday 03 November

JetBrains has launched an educational edition of PyCharm which does more than act as an editor and development environment. It bundles interactive online lessons that introduce new users to Python to the language and to the IDE's tools at the same time. 



Google Flu Trends Adopts New Model   Monday 03 November

Google Flu Trends is launching a new model in the United States for the coming 2014/2015 flu season. The important difference is that it is going to incoporate CDC flu data - which rather ruins its original idea.



Nao Plays Music Like A Human   Sunday 02 November

You may have seen lots of cute videos of Nao playing a musical instrument, but these have mostly been closed loop - that is, if you took the instrument away Nao would carry on playing it. In this video things are different; Nao sees and hears the instrument and adjusts his playing to get the best sound.



Cybercrime From OU and BBC   Saturday 01 November

The Open University and the BBC have teamed up in a 6-part TV series about cybercrime. It starts today, Saturday, November 1 (repeated tomorrow) and can be viewed worldwide on BBC World News.



New Azure Services Announced   Friday 31 October

Microsoft has announced a preview version of Azure Stream Analytics, a data stream and event processing engine that provides real-time analytics on large amounts of data derived from sources such as devices, sensors, cloud infrastructure, and existing data properties in real time.



Progress On JavaScript SIMD   Friday 31 October

While most of the hot news in fast computation centers around the GPU, there are untapped possibilities in most CPUs. JavaScript is currently getting a new set of commands that give it hardware-assisted parallel processing. 



New APIs for Office 365   Thursday 30 October

At TechEd Europe, Microsoft has announced new APIs in the hope of getting developers to create apps for Office 365.



jQuery Adopts Semantic Versioning   Thursday 30 October

Semantic versioning is a great idea and the ever-logical jQuery has decided that from now on this is what it is going to do. However, at the next upgrade you might be wondering where your jQuery has gone. 



Google Introduces Signed-In Maps   Thursday 30 October

The latest feature in Google's JavaScript API sounds attractive - unless you have problems with Google knowing all your location-related preferences.


Professional Programmer

Dyslexia and programming   Wednesday 05 November

Many programmers, including some of the brightest and best, are dyslexic - how does that work!?



Geekuni Dancer Web Development Course   Friday 31 October

Geekuni is a recent start up for rapidly acquiring professional coding skills. Nikos Vaggalis leaped at the chance to attend its web development course introducing Dancer 2, a Perl web development framework.





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